Yes You Can: Enjoy Summertime Skiing

If you were wondering where to go in the summer, how about Austria?

Beautiful landscapes and excellent skiing awaits you, and yes we are talking about skiing in the summer.
If you have not been skiing or boarding for a few years and want to re-ignite your passion for the pursuit, the Austrian Tourist Board has a stunning offer to tempt you back and enjoy some exhilarating adventures at a time when other resorts might have put the closed signs up for the season.

The Ski Again initiative in conjunction with Inghams is targeting returning skiers and boards with some tempting deals and what a lot of people don’t’ realise, is that Austria actually has some of the highest ski resorts in Europe, making it the perfect venue for a summer ski escapade.

Open for business

There is a general perception that the French and Swiss resorts are positioned higher than their Austrian counterparts, but many experienced skiers will tell you that you need more snow to cover rocks than you do to cover pasture, which means that ticks all the right boxes for summer skiing.

Pitzal is a good example of where late-summer skiing is perfectly possible and this venue offers a good combination of blue and red runs at a time of the year where some other country’s resorts would not yet be open for business.

Summer skiing in the glacial areas

Austria does tend to offer the best of both worlds to returning and regular skiers and boarders, as to the east of the Alps in the country, the area enjoys a deep snow covering in the winter but in other parts of the Alps, you can enjoy Champaign powder snow in July whilst the temperature nudges 30 degrees Celsius.

If you needed even more of a selling point than the fact that you can ski and sunbathe in July, these glacial areas happen to be in some of the most beautiful parts of Austria, meaning you can enjoy a morning on the slopes amongst a dramatic alpine backdrop and then swim in a gorgeous lake in the afternoon.

All year round

The Austrian Tourist Board is really pulling out all the stops to encourage skiers and boarders to return to an activity that they clearly love, but haven’t found the time to follow for the last few years, for whatever reasons.

The fact that you can get a cracking deal as a returning skier via their Ski Again promotion is good news in itself, but when you consider that you get the chance to head to venues like Hintertux, which is open all year round, there is even less of a reason to finally give yourself the chance to take to the slopes again, even if it is supposedly “out of season” and becomes your summer holiday with a difference.

Take a look at what Austria has to offer and when you see that it offers great summertime skiing as well as an attractive winter destination, it should be enough to persuade you to pick up those skis or the board again.

Joseph Johnson has been a travel consultant for almost a decade now. Whenever he has the time, he likes to write about his experiences on the web. You can find his posts on many travel, sports and lifestyle websites today.

Image by Lana Galina under cc license


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