When Planning Your Holiday, Money Does Matter

There are many different things you need to consider when you’re getting ready to go away on holiday, and it’s rarely only about packing! You need to remember to purchase your travel insurance policy (something that should never be forgotten!), you need to think about how you’re getting to the airport, remember to print out all your confirmation emails … the list goes on!

When it comes to how you’re going to transport yourself to the airport door, I’d be giving serious consideration to driving yourself and booking your parking spot through ParkBCP. This is something that can be done at the time of booking your holiday, so you don’t have to think about it again, and you will no doubt save money when compared to the cost of public transport. This is a nationwide service, so nobody misses out, with surprisingly cheap Heathrow parking offered at fantastic rates for those travelling from north of the border. One less thing to think about equals less stress! (image by phantomswife).

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Something that most people forget about until the very last minute is money matters. I’m not talking about paying for your holiday, because nobody forgets to do that, I am of course talking about how you’re going to take your travel money away with you.

You have to consider safety, so you don’t want to be carrying a large amount of cash with you, and instead you need to look at your various options.

If you’re going to use your credit or debit card overseas it’s always wise to telephone your bank before you go, and inform them of your departure and return dates, as well as where you’re going. This doesn’t totally take away the risk of your card being blocked due to suspected fraud, but it goes a long way to minimizing it, so it’s a definite must-do (image by Sean MacEntee).

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Traveller’s cheques aren’t really that common these days, and have been almost replaced with a pre-paid type of card, which you can use in cash points overseas. You simply top up your card before you go and take it with you, which is basically the same as taking cash, but is much safer. Check whether your choice of card is affected by fluctuations in the currency exchange rate, however as a general rule this is a good way to take your money overseas.

However you choose to take your hard-earned cash with you, changing money once in resort will almost always give you a better rate than if you change it here in the UK, so I’d recommend just taking a small amount of cash, changed into the currency of the country you’re heading to, and leaving the rest in your bank, or on a pre-paid card.


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