www.holidayfans.com What to Take With You on You Ski Holiday to Save Little Money

What to Take With You on You Ski Holiday to Save Little Money

Ski vacations are quite expensive, however with little money saving ideas you will end up making big savings and still enjoy a nice skiing holiday. Here are some things that you can consider to take with you during your next ski holiday

Carry with you some lunch

If you want to save a ton the next time you will be going skiing, pack some nice brown bag lunch. Foods at ski resorts are quite expensive especially if you are travelling in large groups or as a family. Most resorts will see you spend more than $20 on a burger. Bagged lunch will see you save more than $50 per day. People on diet especially vegetarians are highly recommended to carry their food as you might get the resorts are selling most foods with animal based products.

www.holidayfans.com What to Take With You on You Ski Holiday to Save Little Money - Packed Water

Pack water

Water will help you keep hydrated without having to spend a lot of money. Most ski resorts sell their water at $4; due to the vigorous activities you will consume a lot of water during the entire skiing exercise. You can opt to wear a Camelback or pack some water in refillable containers; you will be amazed to make good savings in the long run. You can also opt to refill your water containers at the ski resorts such that you won’t have heavy cans that will decrease your efficiency or performance. (Image by K. Latham)

Like scouts, be prepared

From the time you are planning your vacation you definitely know you will need some hand gloves, goggles and a gaiter among other things. Carry them in advance, you will end up saving a buck, resorts will always be ready to tap your extra dollar by selling or renting these items at exorbitant prices. Remember to come with some chapstick, hand-warmers and sunscreen. You can check out on other travel websites as well as read customer reviews, you will really get some hints of what to carry and what not to depending on the area you will be going for skiing.

www.holidayfans.com What to Take With You on You Ski Holiday to Save Little Money First aid kit with medicines

First aid kit with medicines

This is often forgotten, as you will spend the better part of the day outdoors, the risks involved are way too high. Skiing can get you broken bones especially if you are an amateur if not broken bones, cold, headaches or fevers can occur. Take early precaution and carry a first aid kit complete with medicines, you might end up saving a fortune in preventing a bad situation from worsening. Since ski resorts are to the interior parts of the country it’s hard to get medicines and the little available once are indeed expensive. Save costs by cautioning yourself no matter the day or situation. (Image by Brian Smith)

The next time you are considering going for a skiing vacation, looking on the simple things that are easily forgotten to be catered for and in return, they make sure you pay for your forgetfulness dearly. Save costs while you skiing, don’t be afraid to come with your family too, skiing holidays are very exciting and are occasions for all.


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