Holiday Fans Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation - holiday inThailad Phuket

What Makes Phuket such a Popular Destination?

Holiday Fans Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation - holiday inThailad Phuket
Among the places that are flocked by tourists every year from every corner of the world is Phuket. Given the exquisite nature of this Thailand Island, it is not hard to understand why many people travel from far and wide to come and visit here. Phuket combines the goodness of nature inform of beautiful natural beaches and the best of mankind in form of magnificent hotels and superb services.


Due to the popularity of this destination, direct flights have been introduced from some of the international airports directly to Phuket International airport especially between November and April. However, most of the visitors prefer the conventional route with a stopover at Bangkok in Thailand and then boarding the available several times a day Thai airways flight. The good thing is that this flight is available 7 days a week. Alternatively one could opt for the 4 hour drive from Bangkok and then take a ferry ride. However, the ferry plans differ according to season. It is good to find out before you set out for the journey to avoid being inconvenienced.

Great variety of accommodation.

Among the places that one could be spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation in Asia, Phuket does not fall short. With a wide range of accommodation options, it is up to the visitor to choose. However, of all the choices that you may have, there is one that stands out. Not far from the airport and a 15 minutes drive from Phuket town is Kantary bay hotel (image by Kasemkij).


Holiday Fans Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation - holiday inThailad Phuket Hotels accommodations

Hotels in Kantary Bay – Phuket

The Kantary bay in Phuket is different in that instead of the normal hotel rooms this hotel’s rooms come complete with a kitchenette, a living room and a private terrace with wooden floors. What is even more captivating are the services offered that include a gym, swimming pool, scenic gardens and even reading lounges. We of course recommend to compare all accommodations choices online before booking.

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Great nightlife

Even when darkness falls, visitors are still spoilt for choice at this world renowned destination. Given the diverse nature of the crowd, Phuket cares well for all the nationalities. Some of the best nightlife spots to visit include Patong which is among the most vibrant places and more specifically Bangla road. That is where every night reveler ought to be. Here you will find bars, night clubs, cabarets, live music lounges and even some good old Thai boxing.

Amazing food

Nothing would be worth the coming if the experience did not include mouth watering delicacies to tickle your taste buds. What makes eating at some of these restaurants most memorable is the view and warm breeze that you enjoy while partaking your meals. Some of the restaurants that are most notorious for a striking memory that you should visit include Breeze that is famed for its frequently changing menu. Others include Kalim Beach and Ka Jok See Restaurant.

Sun and Beaches

When it comes to the sun, Phuket has an abundant amount of that. When it comes to beaches, guess what? Phuket has an abundance of that too. This is a dream place for many that love the beautiful natural outdoors and some good sunlight to take it down.  Armed with a variety of beaches, Phuket could easily be the home to some of the best beaches. Those that could easily make this list include freedom Beach, Banana Beach, Kata Noi Beach and Laem Singh Beach.

Wholesome fun

Because of the friendly nature and the variety of activities that one could do, there is no limit for reasons or people you could bring here. Whether it is for a honeymoon, a family vacation or even some business and pleasure, Phuket has a place for you. The beaches and wonderful hotels could be a good place for some family bonding while hiking and boating could be ideal for couples.

Considering the heavy traffic of people that heads here, it is important to make a hotel booking in advance. This will not only serve to make sure that you get checked in into your hotel of choice but also make sure that you save yourself the burden of hurling your luggage from place to place looking for accommodation upon arrival. This is not a difficult ordeal as you can do it online by visiting the website of your preferred hotel and making the booking. All that is left is your arrival and enjoying your stay.


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