Ways to Travel on the Budget in Ghana, Africa

Located simply south of Burkina Faso in the West of Africa, Ghana is one of the most friendliest, and maybe most straightforward country in Africa to travel about. Most of travelers tend to think budget travel in in the African Safaris and in Ghana is something difficult to do because unexpectedly, the country can get much more expensive. 

From minimizing the expenses on food and accommodation to attempting to post ads for free stuffs, below are a few ways to travel on the budget in Ghana, Africa:

Cut Down the Cost of Food

This can be done if you can consume local meals instead of foreign food. Cutting down the cost of your food and eating local, starchy meals is your best bet to save more on budget. However, keep in mind that in Ghana, the supermarkets can be quite expensive. If you don’t like cooking your own food, do avoid them.

Save More on Accommodation

Camping is pretty cheap if you don’t mind doing so. Apart from that, if you’re looking for cheaper cost in housing, you can try to post ads on some of the local websites where home and business owners can offer you the accommodation according to your budget. Don’t be surprised to know that this can go as low as USD6 per night! (image by hn.).

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Cheaper Transportation and Activities

In Ghana, the scooter is one of the best ways to travel around. One litre of fuel price is around USD1 and you can spend an average of USD2 per day, which is a good value for fuel! Activities in Ghana can cost about USD3-USD4 per day, which include one jeep safari, one foot safari, one canoe safari and a few others. Some of the tour companies tend to post web ads on the local classified sites and you should look around for the least expensive ones there.

Buy Used or Cheap Stuff Online

If you’re traveling or even staying in Ghana for a longer period of time, you can cut down the cost of living there by buying used or cheap stuffs online from the local people or the seasoned travelers. For an example, if you’re looking for a used or cheap camping gear or even a second-hand scooter to travel about the country, you can simply post free ads in Ghana local sites to find the potential sellers (image by Tim Reckmann).

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Tro-tro Transportation

Just in case you don’t like riding a scooter, there’s another cheaper way to travel in Ghana. To fully experience a true part of the African culture, you should try the Tro-tro transportation. Basically, they are just older vehicles which can seat between ten to twelve people in one time. The driver will set a price for each route, but never run on a real schedule. They will only leave once the Tro-tro is full and waiting for it to depart can be frustrating. However, a two-hour of Tro-tro ride to Cape Coast from Swedru can cost as little as USD5!

Traditionally, the most reasonable budget for travel in Ghana would be between USD45-USD50 per day and sometimes, it can go as low as USD30 per day if you’re being extremely frugal.


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