Types of English Teaching in China – Which One is for You?

China is renowned as the second country in the world to have the largest economy.  Needless to say the amount of products or merchandise that are produced in China are being exported worldwide giving a diversified communication across the world. Thus talking about China being globally competent to other countries, there is a need to know the English language, the international language, in order to interact with other countries doing business within and across the country.

China today requires a large number of English teachers and there are many opportunities to teach in China is you know where to look. The English classes and education could, and does help the Chinese in both aspect of education and economy.  To improve these two aspects, there are four types of teachers that are needed all across China. Which one would you prefer?

Language Schools in China

Foreign language schools are available in different parts of China. They have classes for languages such as French, Indian, Arabic, English, Spanish, German, you name it, they have it. Of course the rates may differ according to what school it is and what language will be learned or taught. usually employers would hire a native speaker of the particular language to be more familiar with words. A translator maybe present but not in all cases so the use of a translator machine or other equipments like a book or a translator gadget would be very helpful both for the teacher and the student. Conversational and English comprehension could be the focus of the lessons.

Public Schools in China

The demand of the global market to speak English as its mother tongue intimidates the Chinese people since they speak the language poorly that’s why the government of China implemented to teach English subject to public school. Public schools in China have a population of around 60-85 students per classroom so it could be quite difficult to have a one on one conversation with all students. It more likely that the teacher would ask one question and one student will answer while the others are merely listening. The English subject is just like a non-academic subject or an exercise for it is usually not graded. The aim of including this in public school is just to familiarize students with the English language that is commonly used.

Private Schools in China

It is highly imperative to that the English language is taught in Private schools as it is in public school however their is a greater emphasis to teaching English compared to public schools. The English subject in private schools are considered as an academic subject wherein it is graded and there are examinations take by students. Most students who study in private schools continue learning English until they reach college level.

Business English in China

Communication if properly used and understood would bring money in corporations or businesses. This means that English language is badly needed in the workplace especially if the transactions are being brought out of the country or if clients cannot speak in Chinese. You may not be teaching English however you may be checking or correcting grammatical errors of speeches or presentations of the company to clients or customers. The correct usage of idiomatic expressions which are often used in the work place must be taught as well.

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If you have any experience living in China or teaching English, please share with you.

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