Top Romantic Attractions in New York

New York City is also known as The Big Apple and The City That Never Sleeps. Day or night you’ll find many things to do here that visiting at least once should be on the bucket list to travel with your special someone. Dine at their many restaurants, walk through Central Park, catch a show at the theater. There are so many places to see so keep on reading to find the top 5 things you must do during your stay at The Concrete Jungle.

1. Watch Phantom of The Opera

Head on over to New York City Theater and watch the longest running broadway musical! Phantom of the Opera has everything from romance, drama, passion, and horror. The costumes are beautiful and the music will strike your soul. You can truly feel the emotions the actors portray – love, happiness, betrayal and their performance will leave you breathless. This show will leave you wanting for more. Broadway show tickets for this show and many others can be purchased easily online!

2. Go for a Romantic Stroll in Central Park

There’s a reason why most movies show happy couples getting together in Central Park. It’s the perfect place to have a date with the numerous benches, trees, bridges, and landscapes. Have a picnic under the trees and just enjoy the beauty nature has to offer. It’s the perfect place to go to to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Not to mention, so many spots offer perfect backdrops for your photos!

3. Drop By The Empire State Building

The view from the observation deck is second to none. There’s a ton of space to move around and the fencing is big enough to make picture taking easy. You’ll fall in love with the gorgeous view of the city. Here’s a little trivia for you guys. On February 14, 1994, the first Valentine’s Day Wedding was held on the Empire State Building. On that day, over 250 couples got married and exchanged vows.

4. Relax at Aire Ancient Baths

Exploring all New York has to offer can sometimes be exhausting. The best way to relieve this is to avail the couples package at Aire Ancient Baths. It’s a great way to bond and at the same time, unwind from the stress of a trip. The bath area is calm and relaxing. The aromatherapy helps you unbend and the massage is exquisite. There are different types of pools to choose from and a sauna room. Your experience here might be so satisfying that you won’t want to leave!

5. Enjoy A Dinner Cruise at Bateaux New York

Delicious food, excellent service, and splendid music are just a few things this cruise has to offer. Choose a table by the window and you can partake in the view the cruise has to offer. Make sure to head on over to the deck when it passes the Statue of Liberty. One of the pleasures of life is enjoying an engaging conversation with your loved one coupled with a delectable meal. I’d recommend the lobster, goat cheese salad, braised beef short ribs, and for dessert, the New York Cheesecake is to die for.

And that ends our list. To save time and money, I recommend buying the tickets for The Empire State Building ahead of time so as not to spend too much time waiting in line. You can also book tickets for Phantom of the Opera ahead of schedule to make sure you have seats. New York City is full of adventure  for honeymoon travelers and you can’t help but love it. Make new memories together with your partner in The City That Never Sleeps.


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