Top Luxury Holiday Ideas in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket can only be described as breathtaking, elegant and paradise that possess all the world qualities which spell luxury and indulgence. The beauty is just incredible, and there is no better way to have an amazing and luxurious holiday break than indulging in the slice of this beauty island. Want to holiday in style? Phuket has the best classic, a luxurious accommodation that gives you golden sunsets and intimate moments. Here are some top luxury villas and activities for your luxury leisure:
Keemala Villas
Keemala Villas Nested far away from the crowd, these beautiful luxury villas are positioned within enchanting evergreen wonderland and hills. With 38 pool villas, you can comfortably choose from a one-bedroom villa or the style duplex villa. Richly decorated with beautiful artifacts and furniture. Enjoy your private pool that is designed to give you a rustic and yet a lavish holiday. Take a walk in the networks of jungle walkways and for the lovers of the soft pebbles on the beach, Keemala beach is within your vicinity.
The Banyan Tree Phuket
This island paradise gives you the opportunity to discover the beauty and romance of Phuket in a luxurious way. Luxury villas that are surrounded by two long and inviting swimming pools and glittering white beach.  The tropical garden spa gives you a luxurious treatment, and the cuisine is just mouth licking. For the lovers of water sport, this luxury villa gives you a chance to learn canoeing.

The Paresa Phuket
These luxurious villas give you a refreshing and idyllic feeling and it is neatly perched high amid tropical forests, azure blue waters, and cliff side. Paresa offers unrivaled luxury and oasis of tranquility. Each of the villas faces the calm ocean, and it offers you different views of nature and sea.

The Paresa Phuket
Luxurious Activities in Phuket

There is no shortage of luxury activities that you can indulge on your own, or with your loved ones, in Phuket. Here is the list of top five of the most fun and Luxurious activities you can indulge in:
The beautiful golf course offers you luxurious and well-manicured landscaped courses with high standards that ensure that greens are green with holes that can challenge an experienced player. Most of the luxury villas have golfing courses that will keep you busy all day long.

The clear, balmy, bright and bursting marine life gives you a life lasting experience. Get your snorkeling gear and enjoy the underworld life. The best time to enjoy snorkeling in Phuket is from November to April when the sea is placid.
Spa and Massage
Spend your day in the spa that will make you feel refreshed and a new person both physically and spiritually. Enjoy the traditional Thai massage or better enjoy an herbal steam bath and the sauna treatments.
Scuba Diving
Diving in Phuket offers you a new and luxurious meaning to life. Clear waters, rock formations, colorful marine life and spectacular reefs give divine holiday. Enjoy the live- abroad luxurious overnight cruise that will take you to the best diving site in the world.

Phuket scuba
Think surfing and think of big waves, curling breakers and spectacular wipeouts. Get out your surfing board and let the waves perform their magic on you.
Phuket is your luxurious holiday destination. It is advisable that you book your piece of the luxury life and accommodation in advance and especially during the high season.


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Images credit (under CCL) by order:  Eustaquio Santimano, Thomas Wanhoffwaskyo

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