Top Casino Destinations in Europe

When I say “casino”, most of you surely think of the marvelous resorts in Atlantic City, the glitter and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip, or the grandiose constructions of Macau. But the place where it all started – Europe, the birthplace of the casino – has nothing this grandiose or glittery. European casinos are smaller, built for a smaller crowd – this is why they manage to stay cozier. But there’s one more reason why even newer European casinos are smaller – online gambling.

The European Union, unlike the US, has chosen to regulate instead of ban online casinos. This is why Europeans are free to head over to the All Slots for some gaming action. The All Slots offers them an incredible collection of games, including hundreds of slot machines, tens of video poker games, a host of table games, to name just the most popular. On top of its game collection, the All Slots also has some of the most attractive bonus offer. And its recurrent promotions are talk of the trade. Many Europeans choose to stay home instead of leaving for a land based casino, playing at the All Slots on their own comfortable couch.

Europe casino

But this doesn’t mean that Europe has no land-based gambling industry. Many popular European cities have several of them, to satisfy the gaming needs of their residents, and the tourists that arrive in great numbers each year.

The Monte Carlo Casino is perhaps the most noteworthy of them all. Built in the late 19th century, it has served as a meeting point for European gamblers during the times of prohibition. Its building is famous for itself, visited by tourists for its architecture during the day – and for its sizzling gaming at night. It is one of the oldest casinos still in business in Europe.

London is another great destination for gamblers. As the British are known for their taste for gambling – the largest European gambling companies are based in the UK – the city supports several of these, open for the public. But London has a number of less public gambling venues as well – exclusive clubs like the Ritz and the Crockfords Club, appealing especially to high rollers.



Let’s go a bit to the north-east, to the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague. It is another prime destination for some gambling action during your stay in Europe, as it has an unusually high number of casinos. According to a recent report, there are over 20 gambling venues in the city, of various standards – from small, local joints to high profile establishments housed in high profile hotels.

Land-based gambling is very different in Europe when you compare it to Las Vegas or Macau. But it’s there, and it offers visitors countless ways to spend their time (and money, of course).


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