Top 5 Things to do at Walt Disneyworld Florida

For many families taking the kids to Walt Disneyworld in Florida is a dream come true. But with so many things to do it can be difficult to know where to start. The age of your children will be a consideration, as will be their specific interests, but there are some things that really are unmissable.

Try and enjoy attractions in as many different parts of the park as possible, as this will give you a varied experience of Disneyworld. Read on for our suggestions to make the most of this highlight from your holiday in the US with Cosmos.
Mickey’s PhilharMagic
Everyone loves Mickey Mouse – he is the Disney character that we have all grown up with, so what could be better than seeing him on the big screen? Well, maybe one of the biggest screens in the world!
Mickey’s PhilharMagic, situated in the Magic Kingdom, is a 3D film in which the lovable mouse, along with his mate Donald Duck, takes you on a ride through a number of Disney classics that will stimulate your senses. There’s music, special effects and lots of fairytale magic.
Space Mountain
Also in the Magic Kingdom is Space Mountain – possibly the world’s most famous ride. This roller coaster transports visitors 180 feet up to its peak, before plunging them into space. Taking place entirely in the dark, you will speed past galaxies and stars.
This version of the attraction in Orlando is the only one to feature two tracks that mirror each other’s twists and turns. Not suitable for younger kids, this ride is definitely one that teens and dads tend to enjoy. (image blow by expressmonorail)


Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show
Also great for older children is this fast-paced stunt show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As well as stunning the audience with huge explosions and death-defying jumps, it offers an insight into how action-packed movies are really made.
If big fireballs, motorcycles bursting through windows and stuntmen falling from five-storey buildings sound like your families idea of entertainment, this is the show for you. Just remember, don’t try any of the stunts at home.
Kilimanjaro Safari
Animals are always a big hit with the kids and the chance to drive through an African-style savannah should not be missed. See giraffe grazing, zebra wander in front of your jeep and elephants taking shade under a baobab tree.
The premise of this attraction is that you are out with a group of rangers looking for poachers, which helps to bring the conservation message home. Look out for the lions and cheetahs that can also be spotted in the park, which you will find in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
Shark Reef
Not as cuddly as some of the other animals, but just as fascinating are the leopard and bonnethead sharks found at Typhoon Lagoon & Blizzard Beach. These species are completely harmless, allowing visitors to get up close and personal.
Don the snorkel gear and explore an underwater world, complete with coral reef and sunken shipwreck. Swimming among the fish will open up a colourful world, which the kids will be excited about for weeks after.


For anyone who doesn’t want to get wet there is the opportunity to see Shark Reef from a sunken tanker through the portholes. Remember that kids under ten wishing to swim will need to be accompanied by an adult.

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