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Three of the Worlds Best Museums

It’s always good to travel outdoors or do something  extreme like go to a tropical country or climb the tallest mountain but we must also remember that travelling isn’t limited on those activities. Travelling can also open your eyes and your soul to different cultures, religions and beliefs. And you can find all this in one place; yes you guessed it, the MUSEUM. People tend to skip visiting museums thinking that it’s always better to so somewhere you can be active but then again it’s always good to expand your horizons in terms of knowledge.  Listed below are a few of the best museums that one must visit while travelling.

www.holidayfans.com Three of the Worlds Best Museums - The Louvre – Paris

The Louvre – Paris

Located within the boundaries of the City of Love The Louvre museum is one of the best museums in the world that could leave you speechless after the whole tour.  It’s one of the largest masterpieces that can be found on the city with its baroque style architecture. It covers more than 650,000 square meters and it continues to expand over the years. The museum contains ancient artifacts which can be dated back as early as the 18th century AD and more than 34,000 art pieces and antiques are currently displayed.  This museum also holds the famous Mona Lisa painting be Leonardo da Vinci and as well as the beauty of Venus de Milo. (Image by David Schultz)

Museum of Modern Art – New York

Known as MoMA this museum can be found at the heart of New York City which is in Manhattan. It is composed of modern and contemporary art pieces and as well as films and books too. Its library holds up to 350,000 books of more than 65,000-75,000 artists with their profiles and achievements too.  This museum holds the works of famous artists such as Aristide Maillol, Joan Miro, Henry Moore , Kenneth Noland and many more.

www.holidayfans.com Three of the Worlds Best Museums - Hermitage Museum - St. Petersburg

Hermitage Museum – St. Petersburg

A branch museum located on the riverbank of Amstel River in Amsterdam this museum has got a lot of stories to tell.  Known for its classical architecture the 138,270 square feet museum holds the story world’s most interesting persona which is Alexander the Great. From his journeys until his death, the truth and the myths that marked his fame this museum have it all. Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg is also one of the largest branches there is. This also holds the exhibit Matisse to Malevich which contained the master pieces of Picasso, Van Dongen , Matisse and many more. This serves as a haven for uprising artists in terms of inspiring them with new concepts and inspires them to do more. (Image by Kwong Yee Cheng)

Now you may have thought that a trip to the museum could be “oh-so-boring” but think again, it is an outlet for education, learning and yes its home to the best food in the area! The next time you’d plan your travel include the nearest museum on the list, who knows, you might get hooked and would consider museum hopping this time.


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