Three Best Cruises for Couples

Cruising and romance always seem to accompany each other especially if you have seen some incredible photos from any cruise line advert.  The thought of the beautiful moments of looking at couples spending some grand time on a deserted beach with a mega ship anchored behind them or admiring the beauty of the sunset when they are on each other’s arms. Notwithstanding the advertisement, cruising can actually come out as one of the most romantic experience you ever had, that onboard ambiance lifestyle makes you feel there is “amore” than just a sunset. Choosing the best cruise line among dozens of fleets can be quite an uphill task, we take it us our responsibility to ease that duty for you and let you know even more about your cruise line than even what the captain knows. Here are some of the best cruises to celebrate and rekindle your love and your romance.

Princess cruises

Ruby, Emerald and Crown Princess are the best cruising ships among the princess fleets, tyhey are definitely the newest ships and come in different sizes to fit your needs, their suites feature large balconies, separate sitting areas, walk in closets, deluxe canapés packs, upgraded bathroom amenities, complimentary mini bar setup, a ship thermals suite, internet and laundry services. Every suite is unique, charming and comfortable in its own way. You will enjoy a perfect dinner for two comprising of lobster dinner, champagne and a course by course service at an affordable $100. On board romance is the climax, you will enjoy spending the night with your loved one in wool tartan blankets, spa menu and massage are always at your service.  Three Best Cruises for Couples  - P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises

Among the cruises Arcadia is its best ship among the three other adults only ships, i.e. the Oriana and Adonia. The ship has outstanding wedding packages and upscale dining restaurants making it the best especially among British couples. Some great features include upgraded amenities like the whirlpool baths, sweet digs like chocolate and champagne upon arrival and daily canapés. You will enjoy great dinner for two at thirty Euros per person, the meals comprise of ocean grills especially for top notch cuisines. On board romance is something you definitely don’t want to miss out, at the Orchids bar, there’s is a great place where you can enjoy a sundowner with warm terracotta, cream décor or chocolate. The place can also make a good reception after having a wedding in the great viceroy room. (Image by Scott Anderson)  Three Best Cruises for Couples  - Paul Gauguin Cruises

Paul Gauguin Cruises

The Paul Gauguin was designed to sail all year round in the romantic pacific, the cozy built and decorated cruise has a 332 passengers carrying capacity and offers conducive room for tropical festivity amid the surrounding cultures. The ship has superb staff and highly inclusive restaurant style. However its remote lush island destinations don’t get the notch high in terms of a romantic trip. Its features are straight forward as it  was designed for couples and thus boasts of a queen size bed. Its cabins are quite consistent with décor and are elegantly tropical inspired. You should book ahead for you to secure a balcony cabin. Onboard romance is facilitated by the tunes of a Chanteuse melody and here you can dance with your sweetheart cheek to cheek as you gaze at the stars from the vantage position. Dinner for two is excellent if done in one of the restaurants. The attentive staff will always see your glasses are full with wine. (Image by Andrea Rotondo)

The next time you want to have quality time with your sweetheart consider booking one of the three best cruise ships for couples and rejuvenate your love for years as fond memories will live in your hearts.


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Featured image courtesy by Patrick Marella


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