www.holidayfans.com Things To-Do When Traveling on a Tight Budget

Things To-Do When Traveling on a Tight Budget

Travelling is always pleasurable, you’ll get to meet different people with different cultures, you’ll get to see places you’ve never been to and you’ll get to learn a lot about the history of the place you’ll be travelling to, but yes, it does come with a price. And it can be expensive at times but here’s a couple of ways in helping your out with a budget friendly travel guide.

www.holidayfans.com Things To-Do When Traveling on a Tight Budget - Planning the trip

Plan the Trip ahead

Well it’s sometimes good to do a “spur-of-the-moment” adventure but that wouldn’t be so helpful if you’re on a tight budget. It’s always good to plan your trip ahead that way you’ll get to avail of promo packages and you’ll have ample of time to research on what the venue has to offer. Planning the trip ahead helps you anticipate to how much you’ll be spending on food, accommodation and transportation once you’d reach the venue. (Image by Linda D)

Be patient

Yes, Patience is the key to big savings my friends! Try to search for package deals (if you’re travelling as a group) and promotional packages (if you’re travelling alone). It may be a bit tiring to browse the web for the best promotions, but yes, patience does pay off. Resorts would usually offer great packages a month before the peak season. So do watch out for that.

www.holidayfans.com Things To-Do When Traveling on a Tight Budget - Checklist

Prepare a check list

Do prepare a checklist on what you need to bring and your itinerary for the day that way you’ll be able to have a guide on what would be the things you should you be spending on  instead of spending your money on the things that you don’t need in the first place. It is very important to include your medication on your checklist, such as Paracetamols, Leoperamides and Anti-Allergies too. (Image by Nina Linnarsson)

Invest on the things you need

Only invest on the things that you intend on buying, double check your budget for food, if you’re not hungry don’t run to the nearest café and binge, why not spend your day roaming around the city or on the waters instead of sitting on a restaurant when you’re not even hungry. And it’s very helpful to be price conscious when you’re on a place you’re not familiar with too. Double check on the brands and try to compare the prices to make sure which product would get you your money’s worth.

Be adventurous

Why not try to hitch hike? I tried it one and I got to save more than $300 on my travel budget. It’s good to be a little adventurous every once in a while, just be a little picky on the cars you would hitch hike with.

Look for friends in the area

Try to check if you have close friends around the venue that way you would be able to save a lot on accommodation and you’ll have a free tour guide too. Just be a little courteous and give them a token after your stay.

And do make sure that you’re fit to travel, So that you won’t spend your day staying inside the hotel room if you’re sick. And now, you would be able to have a budget tight fun fill adventure with these travel tips. And make sure to take a lot of photos and meet new friends along the way. Have a safe travel and enjoy every moment.


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