The Trees of Brazil – Where We See them at Home

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One of the most beautiful and wondered continents in the world is South America. It is located in the southern hemisphere and considered to be the fourth biggest continent in the world. The amazon, the world’s biggest rainforest, is only one of the many spectacular locations of Southern America. Among the vast rainforest of the Amazon lies different kinds of trees that are very useful to mankind.
These trees can be found in Brazil, South America. Various kinds of trees that are essential for healing and woodworking for buildings and infrastructure can be found in Brazil. Some of these exotic trees can be found only in this particular country. Let’s consider some of the trees that exist in Brazil.
The Best Blog Ever travel the World RTW -family Travel with kids Brazilian Acai Tree in Brazil
Brazilian Acai Tree
Brazilian Acai Tree 
This kind of tree can only be found in this country. It is closely similar to a palm tree that grows in a watery area like that of the Amazon flood plains As one of the worlds essential oil for food, this tree is abundant of export quality ‘palm vegetable oil’. The young leaves of the Acai tree serve as a vegetable that has a close similarity of a cabbage. Because it is reach of natural essential oil, the berries of Acai tree is used for heart problems and major types of ailments such as cancers. It is also a good source of anti-oxidant to slow down the aging process.
Brazilian Cumaro Tree
The Best Blog Ever travel the World RTW -family Travel with kids Brazilian Coa Tree in Brazil
Brazilian Coa
A canopy type of tree like Cumaro can reach up to 160 feet in height. It grows beneath the jungles of the Brazilian Amazon. The barks of Cumaro tree can be used for healing fever by soaking it with a lukewarm water for a bathe. The seed extract is essential for curing infections and various kinds of injuries. Several parts of the Cumaro tree is already being used for treatment of asthma and tonics for cardiovascular diseases.
Brazilian Coa
Coa tree also grows in the remote areas of the jungles in Amazon. It can reach to 120 feet and a diameter of 5 feet which is lumbered for furniture, cabinet and veneer purposes. The reddish and brown color of its wood gives a striking appearance in every home.
Brazilian Mustard Tree
The Best Blog Ever travel the World RTW -family Travel with kids Brazilian Cherry Tree in Brazil
Brazilian Cherry Tree
Unlike the trees that are above-mentioned, this tree can only grow up to 2-meters. It is not for lumber use, the main part is the fruit’s seed. It is like the process of fermentation that is good for preservation. It is also added to sauces as it assimilate the taste of various dishes.
Brazilian Cherry Tree 
Considered to be one of the world’s hardiest trees, this wood is harvested and sold for flooring purposes. It is stain resistant and its density is higher than that of any exotic species of wood. The wood can even change the temperature of a building, that is why it is recommended to remain the wood inside before installing so that it can adjust to temperatures.
Given this information about exotic trees that exist in the dense part of Brazilian Amazon forest, there uses and benefits will be a great contribution especially in the field of medicine. However, these Brazilian trees are some of the things that features magnificent and astonishing Brazil, South America.

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