The Most Dangerous Countries For Family Travel

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Dangerous Countries for Family Travel
There are many countries in the world where most local people and mostly tourists feel completely uncomfortable. These countries have high rates of crimes such as robbery around the streets, murder, terrorism, hostage taking, corruption, among other bad incidents. However, tourists attracted by the local beauty tend not to think about the danger involved in these countries. Currently the majorities of the most dangerous countries are from Africa. Moreover, on the contrary the safest countries are from Europe where everyone is assured of maximum safety. No one should think of visiting these unsafe countries with kids maybe for vacation or any other reason. Keep in mind that contacting other peoples, your embassy, or the authorities is crucial in a case of dangerous situations and having a cell phone handy is a great advise. Also, if you are carrying any android device, you may want to consider great WiFi calling app for android or any other app that offer you cheap or free option.The following are some of the most dangerous countries for family traveling should consider before thinking of having a vacation there. Somalia

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Somali Dangerous Countries for Family Travel

Currently, the Somalia is a leading country in Africa in terms of crime. It comprises a gang of pirates who work in the coastal areas with a mission of attacking foreign ships, kidnapping people, as well as demanding huge amounts of money as ransom for their release. In addition to pirates on the coastal waters, most of its clans have been on a war for more than two decades. In short, the list of crimes in Somalia is actually an endless list. Army militants are also not left out in periodical crime incidents where they rob and kidnap kids and adults to ask for ransom from their families. Many of the most wanted terrorists come from Somalia. This country is not safe for family vacations or business trips. Therefore, it is not good to plan a trip to this region with the kids since the situation here is always chaotic. This country is located in the eastern part of Africa. Here are 10 things to consider when visiting Africa.


In this country, hostilities are still going on between the government troops and the rebels from north-west part of it.


Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Afghanistan Dangerous Countries for Family Travel

For many years now, the general situation in Afghanistan has been chaotic with high level of insecurity and crimes all the streets. Even if there are still coalition forces in this country, the danger crime is still smelled all over the streets. Civilians both foreigners and locals are frequently killed and injured by the attacks that are caused by terrorists from “Taliban” movement. No safety is assured in this country by anyone since the situation is continuously deteriorating with the incidents of drug trafficking reported from time to time. It is among the middle-east countries in Africa continent. The country is not safe, particularly with kids because of the high number of drug trafficking incidents.


Besides being a main tourism player, Jamaica has been associated with incidents of murder and crime for several years. The danger of this country starts from the streets Kingston that is its capital city.


Honduras is a Central American country with high rates of murder in the whole world. Surprisingly, at least one person is killed at every 74 minutes. In the last five years, murder cases have been dramatically on the rise. Both local and foreign journalists as well as public officials are the most targeted victims of murder. Therefore, safety for people here is not guaranteed to make it unsuitable place for kids or family vacation.

Other countries that are believed to be the most dangerous for family travel are Yemen, Zimbabwe, and Algeria among others. Surprisingly, most of these countries are from Africa continent and most of them were colonized by the European colonies. I strongly advise to do your research before planning and cross info as sometimes some sources will manipulate the information for various reasons.  This would be your responsibility to get the correct information to keep you and your family safe and sound.

If you had been in a dangerous situation while traveling, please share with us your story right here… cheers.

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  1. Wow this is very surprising… we contemplated 6 months in Jamaica and never knew that! We’ve stayed in belize and Guatemala and are now in Israel, we have yet to feel unsafe… Although we just crossed Egypt off our list 🙁

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