The Magnificent Med: Taking a Cruise on the High Seas

The Mediterranean is a large, storied and, all the while, beautiful sea and people often return to its shores again and again, experiencing something new with each visit. Over the years, Med cruises have become incredibly popular thanks to their scenery, service and itineraries. For those considering a Mediterranean cruise, here are just a few of the reasons to take the plunge.

Ports of call

If you’re looking for extraordinary and varied itineraries, Med cruises are for you. From Lisbon to Barcelona to Monte Carlo and Capri, passengers will love waking up somewhere new and truly distinctive each day. You can visit some of the finest cities in the world, not to mention discover a few gems, such as quaint little villages and towns. There’s nothing like wandering onshore for freshly baked French croissants or strolling through the streets of a medieval Italian village before you sit down to a late lunch at a local trattoria. Many ships strike an ideal balance between major metropolitan cities and smaller, charming towns which offer a more intimate experience; the best of both worlds.


Since the Mediterranean is so popular, there are many ships departing from various locations along its shores. This means that travelers have their pick of vessels and destinations to choose from. Some cruises are designed to maximize romance while others boast kid-friendly activities that ensure families have an unforgettable holiday. Itineraries range from weekend getaways to month long adventures and can visit any number of destinations. Some boats even offer an educational angle and allow passengers to sit in on lectures about local art, history and culture as well as take language classes to learn and practice phrases for the next day’s port visit.

romance on the seas

Cruise culture

A cruise offers travelers the freedom to truly enjoy a holiday. When itineraries are pre-planned and costs are paid largely up front, there are no hidden surprises or holiday hiccups when it comes to planning. Meals are easy, activities are endless and day trips and excursions offer passengers various experiences in some of the Med’s most dazzling cities. Many ships offer evening entertainment, pools, spas and shopping options to keep passengers happy no matter what their travel preferences. On shore — travelers can take part in excursions which can range from walking tours to kayaking or cliff jumping. If planned excursions aren’t for you, you can simply wander around at your leisure and balance the more structured life on board with relaxing days on land. ( Image by Sam Beddoes )

It’s near impossible to experience the whole of the Med in one visit. For this reason and many more, visitors find themselves returning again and again to these gorgeous shores. A cruise on the Mediterranean is the perfect way to see this famous sea and explore some of the world’s most romantic, cultured and impressive destinations.


Featured Courtesy Jonas Nilsson

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