The Great Food of Malaysia- You Cannot Miss These Goodies!

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Food of Malaysia
Every individual has his or her culture and habit and this is the same when it comes to choosing foods. Bearing this in mind, there are certain places you can visit why touring Malaysia to have a taste of your favorite dishes. Traveling in this case does not only involve moving around and exploring site; it also requires one to have a chance to fill the stomach with on of the best dish of your choice. Malaysia, in this case boasts of having world class dishes. However, it will be good to begin with the top most on the list.
Let us start looking at these top dishes one by one:
BKT – Bakuteh
Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel BKT - Bakuteh Food of Malaysia
BKT – Bakuteh
If you are on holiday in Malaysia and happen to be in Kuala Lumpur, you will definitely be tempted to have a bite at one of the top restaurants. Simply order your Bakuteh and have a taste of one of the most deliciously prepared “meat bone tea” – as the name translates. This dish is made from pork ribs that are high in fats and which are boiled in a soup of spices and herbs. The dish is prepared in such a way that it is left to cook for a long time until it is deemed ready to serve. Other ingredients include cinnamon, cloves, star anise and wolfberries. The taste of this dish makes Yik See Ho Restaurant to remain exclusive in terms of great dishes. The restaurant is located near Pudu Wet Market and stands out as the best among the KL-lites. If you love great pork dishes then this is the place to visit. 
Fried Hokkien mee
If you are in Malaysia and like Chinese cuisines, then you will definitely love the taste of this great food. It is prepared from thick yellowish noodles cooked in soy sauce mixed with pork, squid, fish-cake and as well as cabbage. This is the best food you can order on your long night out and enjoy one of the best dinners or at any time you feel hungry and if you have not tasted the Hokkien Mee, then you are yet to visit Malaysia.
Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Banana Leaf Rice Food of Malaysia
Banana Leaf Rice
Banana Leaf Rice
It is sometimes good understand the importance of diversity in terms of culture and habits. Malaysia is one destination that has factored in this and put in place mechanisms to ensure that all cuisines are available. There are those who love more spicy dishes than others but the most important thing is to ensure everybody enjoys his or her day out in this tourism country. If you love the Indian cuisines, then this is the best food you can ever find elsewhere. It has been prepared to suit your taste.
Sang Har Kwey Teow
Cooked in the Cantonese style; this river pawns having been blended to ensure that whoever opts for it may just make a comeback and order the same.
Sentul Satay
As we understand the Japanese culture as well as their habits, and the fact that Malaysia is a country that loves to see its visitors enjoy their stay, they have included all the cuisines to suit them. For instance, the Turkey’s Shish kebabs, South African Sosatie and the Chinese Chuan will just make your outing a memorable one. Sentul Sutay, is a “must eat dish”
Nasi Kandar
This one stands out as the best if you happen to come from the northern part of Malaysia and it has its origins in Penang. The plain or slightly flavored rice meal, which is served with different types of curries as well as other dishes, provide the maximum satisfaction especially if your appetite is at the peak.Peranakan Tiffin
In  Nyonya culture, “Tingkat” (Tiffin) were used to fill the delicious Peranakan food and delivered to the household and workplace for lunch. It becomes one of the unique Peranakan crockery.
Indulge in the unique cuisine filled with aroma and flavours of Chinese, Malay combining local herbs and spices. If you go to Casa Del Rio in Melaka, you will meet Chef Baba Willam, an expert with 16 years of experience in Nyonya cuisine.  Being a Peranakan himself, Chef Baba William is delighted to share his favourite home recipes for lunch at the River Café.  I personally been there and this dish at Casa Del Rio is just fascinating. If I am not mistaken, Casa Del Rio is running a great promotion on Peranakan Tiffin these days for only 28 rm (less then $9)! Take a look.


Charsiew (BBQ Pork)
This dish derives its name from fatty strips of steak pork that is placed in an oven using long forks. The shoulder cut meat is in most cases dried with a mixture of fermented tofu, honey, hoisin sauce and dark soy source among other important ingredients. When seasoned in melting sugar, it becomes dark reddish and looks similar to the American barbecues. Visit Malaysia and you will understand why many are flocking to these restaurants for their bite.
Fresh River Prawns 
The Malaysian river prawns will definitely make you satisfied at the thought of just stopping at Tanjung Tualang located in Perak in an attempt to have a bite at the fresh water prawns. You will also find the cooks very professional in their cookery.
Although there are numerous tourism destination scattered across the world and which offer great sites, Malaysia is definitely one of them and if you are a good eater, then you will not regret as to why you opted for it in the first place. As for accommodations, here is a great post about great accommodations options in Malaysia.Relevant post:
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