The Famous Immigrants That Showed Us How to Become a Huge Success

There are many different reasons for wanting to move to a new country. Wherever you go and whatever your reasons are, you will want to make a big success of the move.

If we look to the past success stories of immigrants then we can see some incredible tales of people finding fame and fortune in their new homes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Austria to USA

One of the most remarkable immigrant success stories is that of Schwarzenegger. He had dreamed of moving to America since the age of 10 and saw winning the Mr Universe title as his passport to a new life across the Atlantic. At the age of 21 he moved to the US, holder of the Mr Universe title and famous as a bodybuilder. However, he spoke little English and had no acting or business experience. In fact, it has been claimed that he might have been an illegal immigrant at one point, after breaking the terms of his visa. Over the years he became a hugely wealthy and popular actor before going on to become the Governor of California, making him arguably the most famous immigrant ever.

Albert Einstein – Germany to USA

Einstein is probably the most famous scientist to have lived. He was born in Germany and it is interesting to wonder whether or not he would achieved the same lasting level of popular appeal had he stayed in the country of his birth. As it was, he was on a visit to the US in 1933 when Hitler rose to power in Germany. Upon his return to Europe he discovered that his home had been raided and that he was no longer entirely welcome at home. As Einstein was Jewish he made the decision to go back and live in the US, where he was granted citizenship in 1940. Much of his important work had already been carried out before he moved permanently to the US but his time in the US cemented his place in popular culture, while he also worked on the famous Manhattan Project here.

The Bee Gees – UK to Australia

There is a long and rich history of people moving to Australia from the UK to start a new life. Among those who lived out their dreams in this way are the Gibb brothers, who went on to form the fabulously successful group The Bee Gees. They were all born in the Isle of Man and lived in Manchester before making the long boat trip across to their new home in 1858. In those days children had to respect a curfew on the ships but it is said that the Gibb brothers broke this rule by singing on the deck in front of an audience until late. In the future, the Bee Gees would go on to sell more than 220 million records and become one of the most successful groups of all time.

The Bee Gees

Isaac Asimov – Russia to USA

For a period the US was the place to head to for families looking for more opportunities and a better life. Among those who made the trip there were the parents of 3 year old Isaac Asimov. After settling into life in his new home country, Asimov turned into one of the most prolific science fiction writers of all time, with more than 500 books and tons of short stories to his name. Interestingly, he was afraid of flying and rarely travelled long distances, meaning that he apparently never returned to the country of his birth.

Bob Hope – UK to USA

Many people don’t realise that Bob Hope emigrated to the US as a youngster. He was born in London and was 4 years old when his family moved from the UK to Ohio in the US. He worked in many different jobs in his youth, before finally becoming the classic all American comedian, actor and showman. Famous for playing golf and for his shows for servicemen, Hope lived to 100 and was made an honorary veteran of the United States Army.

Zhenya Tsevetnenko – Russia to Australia

Not all of the wildly successful immigrants around the world are household names. For example, Russian born Tsvetnenko is an IT entrepreneur worth more than 100 million Australian dollars. His family decided to emigrate to Australia when he was 12, with very few possessions to start their new life with. He dropped out of university but he was soon earning millions with his ideas in the computing and technology industry.



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