The Best Ways to Stay in Kenya

Kenya, East Africa’s most visited and premier tourist destination is on the tourist radar for its vast treasure trove of abundant wildlife, world renowned vast parks and reserves, historic cities, welcoming culture, tropical Indian Ocean beach-lines and some of the most beautiful islands in the world. Even though hotels and lodging facilities are plentiful in Kenya, the term “luxurious” is relative here. While in some cases it means a room with the much needed basics like a conditioning system or a private bathroom; in others it may reflect world-class amenities and the highest levels of lavish hospitality—take your pick!

However, if you happen to be very particular or discerning about the available standards of luxury, then it is well advised to indulge in some thorough hotel research; before stepping out from the comfortable environs of your home. Read on for a closer look into some of the best known lodging facilities in Kenya.

www.holidayfans.com The Best Ways to Stay in Kenya - Ngong House

Ngong House

A residential-style hotel, located in the scenic parts of Nairobi, Ngong House boasts of 10 private acres that overlook the Ngong Hills. This impressive venue is close to Karen Blixen Museum—the quaint farmhouse within the former coffee plantation of the author of “Out of Africa”. With the wildlife infested terrains of Nairobi National Park in close vicinity, Ngong House offers a private cottage, guest suites tucked in the main house, six tree houses and a family log cabin too. Awarded with the honor of being the “Best Safari Hotel” in 2009 by the jury of Good Safari Guide, Ngong House is a great option for those looking for unmatched views of the bush land and hills, two-level tree houses on stilts and a lot more! (Image by True Africa Safaris)

www.holidayfans.com The Best Ways to Stay in Kenya - Fairmont The Norfolk

Fairmont The Norfolk

The Norfolk Hotel, which is now owned by the Fairmont chain of Hotels, dates back to 1904, long before most places in modern day Nairobi existed. This historic hotel has played a pivotal role in developing Kenya’s nascent safari industry and welcomes weary travelers in its own signature style. With 165 rooms and suites to its credit, The Norfolk has a long list of amenities in store: well equipped rooms, air conditioning, satellite televisions, electronic mosquito repellants, balconies overlooking well landscaped gardens, an outdoor swimming pool, sauna bath and a steam room too. Here, you may like to find yourself in colonial times, savor the delights of having a drink on Lord Delamere Terrace or enjoy traditional high teas in the ornately designed Tea Room—all at an affordable price! (Image by Ashley)

Scorpio Villas

Situated in the heart of Malindi, Scorpio Villas lures vacationers to a quaint and uncrowded coastal town tucked away to the north of Mombasa.  With numerous restaurants, bars, shops located within walking distance, this well equipped lodging option is set within 3 acres of tropical landscaping and has 46 rooms featuring canopy beds, balconies or verandahs, refrigerated bars, satellite televisions and a lot more… a must-stay for one and all!

Hotel Lamu House, located close to the UNESCO World Heritage Site and main city of Lamu Island shows Kenya in a different light—be there!


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Featured image courtesy by Vladimir Drjuchin

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