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The Best to Visit Disney World on a Low Budget

When it comes to dreaming about Mickey Mouse, Cinderella’s Castle, long roller coaster rides and more Disney fun, then the first thing that comes to your mind is obviously the dollars that you may end up spending—right? Fret not; with a little bit of an attention on the perfect timing in place, you can look forward to the best holiday of your life –in a budgeted way, of course. Well, look around for more information and you will soon find the best ways of going about the act is when temperatures, prices and crowds are all bearable—or when you can get the best deals and irresistible offers on the table.

The ticket prices to Disney World ticket do not fluctuate across the year, yet the racks rates on lodging facilities do. During peak seasons, the hotel prices and crowds are obviously at their highest levels—so take care to time your holiday with the off-peak school holidays of your children—especially if affordability is a concern.

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Holiday Periods

The most expensive ways of enjoying Disney thrills is during the Easter break and Christmas holidays. At this time of the year the hotel-plus-ticket packages are sky-rocketing and can cost you much more than that in regular seasons. The upcoming holiday periods in the year 2014 are Easter (Apr. 13-20, 2014) and the wintry days of Christmas which are still far away (Dec.19, 2014-Jan. 2, 2015). (Image by Brendan Meier)

 Peak Periods

If you have decided to give the holiday periods a skip, then the next most expensive time to come to Disney are during peak periods. This term coincides with the other school vacations and some special events. The peak periods to look out for in 2014 are Spring Break (Mar. 7-Apr. 12, 2014), Summer Vacation (May 30-Aug. 2, 2014), Winter Break (Feb. 13-22, 2014), post-Easter (Apr. 21-26) and the week that comes prior to the high season of Christmas (Dec. 12-18, 2014). The good news about venturing out to Disney World at this time is that you can land yourself some good prices, encounter fewer crowds and also save time to party at home during the holiday season!

 January to mid-February

If your kids are still too young for their term at kindergarten or if you are home-schooling your kids then the weeks that fall immediately after New Year are certainly the best time of the year to get some great discounts coming your way. With most school kids heading back to their classrooms, Disney world can be experienced in an affordable way during the period Jan. 2-Feb. 12, 2014

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As schools reopen in August in Florida, the summer value season that lasts from Aug. 3-Sept. 12, 2014 will help you get yourself some good money-saving opportunities — if your kids happen to fall in a different school calendar. A caveat: As Disney World tends to get too hot in summers, it’s imperative to find a hotel with impressive pool facilities and plan you trips to the park early or late in the day. (Image by Brendan Meier)

So, are you ready for some thrills and chills in the sprawling scapes and colored ambience of Disney –even as you dig lesser into your pocket?


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