The Best Semarang Has to Offer

Semarang, Indonesia is the capital of Central Java and is located near the north point of the Coast of Java Sea. A beautiful city with an expansive history of being one of the largest port cities in Indonesia and large trading industry that has created a bustling economy. Not only is it one of the top five cities in the nation but it is a beautiful location to vacation for all walks of life.

When visiting on holiday in Semarang it is very important to book well in advanced because it is such a popular holiday destination. The accommodation options in Semarang, which can be booked on Traveloka.  are some of the top in the region and our touted as some of the most desirable in Indonesia.

There are hundreds of local eateries to explore and dozens of excursions waiting for adventure. Let us take a look at the top five places to visit while on holiday in Semarang.


  1. Gedung Batu –

One of the world’s most beautiful temples, Gedung Batu is where the Muslim Chinese admiral first landed in Indonesia. Called Gedung Batu because of the unique shape of the building, which is a huge bat cave, located in southwest Semarang. When you visit the temple, you will realize that the entire building is of red shades and resembles Chinese architecture. A place of worship and pilgrimage; many people from all around the world visit Gedung Batu because of the spiritual meaning in the Muslim religion. It is truly a holy place to visit when on holiday in Semarang.


  1. Ronggowarsito Museum –

This museum is the backbone and pride of the Semarang community. It is one of the must see places when on holiday in Semarang for many different reasons. At the Ronggowarsito Museum, you can learn about the history of Semarang in addition to some brief history about Indonesia as well. Everything from the ancient artifacts to the arts displayed at Ronggowarsito Museum are jaw dropping and a must stop location when visiting Semarang.


  1. Old City –

Markets, art, locals and amazing food is what can be found in Old City Semarang. One of the top unique old cities in this part of Asia, Old City Semarang will send you back to the golden years of pre 1900’s. With beautiful architecturally designed buildings and amazing markets to find all your locally created souvenirs to bring back home. Not to mention the amazing local cuisine that can be found at low prices throughout the area.

Old City old city

  1. Semarang Gallery –

If you want to learn more about local arts (and art from around the world) the Semarang Gallery is the perfect place to start. Contemporary art is one of the staples of the art community in Semarang and the Semarang Gallery is where to find it. From world renown artists to local artists that reside in Semarang; the Semarang Gallery is the perfect place to learn about the city while on holiday in Semarang.


  1. Jamu Jago –

Founded by Mr. TK Soeprana in 1918, Jamu Jago is a local traditional medicine company providing all the best herbal remedies and products that can be found in the world. If you want to immerse yourself in the Indonesian culture, Jamu Jago is the perfect place to start.

Your adventure in Semarang awaits you!


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Images credit (under CCL) by order:  Adityo Saputra,  vidya putra

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