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The 7 Most Dangerous Places in the World

It’s in traveling that we are able to see the world and accomplish most of our dreams. Moving is so important that to some cultures like those of pastoralists, it’s their way of life. However traveling can be dangerous as even the perceived safe havens can turn fatal with the blink of an eye.

It’s true that one can’t predict danger but in some places, danger is the order of the day and it has been said that prevention is far better than cure so here are seven of the most dangerous places in the world.

Karachi in Pakistan. From a picture you might think this is a very forward city due to its structures. However this is just an illusion as the city is marred with lawlessness, high crime level and political unrest. A lot of target killers who are hired to kill anyone call Karachi home. When you add gang shootings and suicide bombings to this, the thought of walking is the Karachi streets will sure give you goose bumps.

Then there is Baghdad in Iraq. When you look at the locals, it’s hard to imagine that Baghdad is their home as the city is characterized by bombings, recurrent gunfights, violence and political instability. The hostility amongst the citizens is still palpable even after the USA forces left.(Image by John)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  Baghdad in Iraq The 7 Most Dangerous Places in the World
Ciudad Juarez which is at the border of Mexico is plagued with drug wars, kidnappings, gang fights and assassinations. People have fled the area due to the murders and this has served to decrease the murder rate. Also a drug lord has taken over the area but you can’t tell when another feud amongst the drug lords might occur.

Maceio in Brazil might fool you due to its lovely sunny sandy beaches. Extreme poverty and the enormous gap between the rich and the poor are what ail this place. The police say that the crimes here are between locals but I would rather stay away than be caught between the rows.

Belem in Brazil which is located in the thick rainforest is the perfect route through which drugs are distributed in the country. Killings and violence are so common and activists pushing for clearance of the forest are often threatened and killed

Mogadishu which is the capital of Somalia is a place you shouldn’t step unless it’s mandatory. The country has been in civil war and political turmoil since most of us can remember. Grenade attacks, bombings, clan fights, piracy, kidnapping and lack of law enforcers should be enough to deter anyone from touring the city.

Lastly and probably the most dangerous place in the world is San Pedro Sula in Honduras. 159 people out of a hundred thousand end up getting killed. The irony is the city is the judicial centre. Drugs, corruption, poverty and gangs are like habits and have led to Peace Corps being attacked and forced to leave. The over a 100% increase in murder should convince you to never set foot there.(Image by Ian Mackenzie)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - San Pedro Sula in Honduras The 7 Most Dangerous Places in the World

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