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The 6 Longest Beaches in the World

Beaches are wonderful places to be, the fun and the joy associated with beach life leaves everybody just craving for more, it therefore feels bad to feel that you have fully exhausted a beach in that you have been to all its places especially if your holiday days are not yet over, this can be a past tense event if you get to the world longest beaches which you will hardly exhaust them

Brazil: Praia Do Cassino Beach

Located in Brazil, this beach is among the world longest beach as it stretches for 150 miles. It is also home to the world longest bridge. At its beaches, expect nothing but white sands, warm temperatures and sweet water s ideal for swimming and water surfing, the beach is also home to hundreds of hotels that suite your budget. If you can’t afford to get to the beach hotels, consider other cheaper places and get to public beaches where you can still have unlimited fun.

Bangladesh: Cox’s Bazar

Located in Bangladesh, the beach is also among the world longest beaches with a spanning length of 150 miles, it’s also home to three great attractive spots that are a must get to, these are Humchari Beach which is unique for having gorgeous waterfalls, Inani Beach which is distinguished for its sunbath and Laboni Beach which is loved for its ideal location, its near the towns. Expect nothing else but white sands and crystal clear waters as you swim to explore the natural occurring corals and lagoons.

www.holidayfans.com The 6 Longest Beaches in the World - Texas Padre Island

Texas: Padre Island

Located in Texas, the beach spans about 130 miles and what also makes it very unique is that its drivable. You can either decide to get to its North which is famous for its parties or to its South which is well known for its natural attractive sea shores. (Image by Stuart Seeger)

Australia: Ninety Mile Beach

Located in Australia, the beach spans for about 90 miles but what devastates is that it’s not ideal for surfing or swimming. The beach is however a great picturesque site which you can just get to sightsee and take awesome photos of you in an oceanic background.

www.holidayfans.com The 6 Longest Beaches in the World - Ninety Mile Beach

New Zealand: Ninety Mile Beach

Located in New Zealand, the beach stretches for 88 miles despite it being named a 90 mile beach. The beach is quite unique due to its natural occurring sand dunes which make it seem to be a desert; this is its greatest stronghold which acts as a tourist attraction. (Image by Kike Garcia)

Mexico: Playa Novillero

Located in Mexico, the beach spans about 50 miles in length, it’s very clean and ideal for swimming and water surfing as well as for the people who want to do water studies. You can also decide to get to some Old museums and local churches which are quite proximal to the beach.

The next time you want to go to some beaches, makes sure you check out these great beaches but also remember that despite the fact that they are the longest they don’t imply that they will spoil you with unlimited activities to keep you going as you relax and rejuvenate during your vacation, a good example is that of the Australia that not even good for swimming, however, check out these world longest beaches and make sure you get to them the next time you will be on your vacation.


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