The 5 Deadliest Wars of the World

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wars have always been the most exciting part of our history lessons.Be it self imagining those blood and gore scenes in our history classes or the exciting pictorial depictions of our teachers nothing was more exciting than being a part of those in our imaginations.But in real, those wars were way more disastrous than we could even think of at that age.Here i depict a bit of the five deadliest wars in the world history.
1. World War 1:
This global war continued from 28th July, 1914 to 11th November, 1918.This involved two military alliances Allies(containing U.K,France and Russia) and the central powers(containing Germany,Austria-Hungary,Italy).Belgium and Serbia were mostly damaged during this war and so was France,Germany and Russia.More than 1.4 million people died in this global disaster.Many people died due to disease and starvation.Russia had almost 13 million cases of malaria.The Economic and Social structures of the involved countries also changed hugely during this world war 1.May Australians served during this war and more than 60,000 were killed.

2.World War 2:
Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Wars world War 2
World War 2
This global disaster lasted for about six long years.starting from 1939 AD this went on till 1945 AD.This war started on 1st of September ,1939 with the invasion of Poland by Germany.This war formed two separate military alliances named Allies and axis involving more than one hundred million militants from over thirty different countries.More than 75 million people died in this war,mostly Soviet and Chinese.Not only because of the war but due to starvation,disease and bombing.More than five millions of Jews including many ethnic minorities died during The Holocaust .
3.An Lushan Rebellion :
This devastating war in China started during the 755 AD when an existing Tang dynasty was challenged by a new formed Yan dynasty by a self proclaimed emperor An Lushan .Many people died during this rebellion due to direct result of the war and also due to disease and continuous dislocation of the civilians.A census taken before the war recorded 52,919,309 people and that after the war recorded only 16,900,000.
4.Mongol invasions :
Mongol invasion in Asia and Eastern Europe continued through the 13th century.Most of these were conducted by Genjhis khan.Famous battles of legnica and ain-jalut took place during these serious of wars.No track was kept regarding the casulaties because because keeping track was impossible.According to the historians more than 60 million people including civilians died during these wars.
5. Manchu conquest :
This was a long war between the Qing dynasty of Manchuria and Ming dynasty of China.this started of during the 1618 AD and continued till 1662.More than 25,000,000 people including soldiers and civilians died during this devastating conquest between these two tycoons. 
so you can see the five deadliest wars in the world history.writing about each of them would take days and months as they really had deep impacts in the world history in their own respects.Some of these events completely changed the social and economic structures of many of the involved countries and even other countries faced huge disasters and difficulties during these periods.

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