The 10 Most Dangerous Animals in The World

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Although man is the most evil animal in the world, there is need to know some of most dangerous animals in the world. With over 8.7 million animals on earth, some animal species are very hostile and dangerous than others.


Tigers are the largest among the big 4 cats in the world. They are unsocial creatures that do not like existence of any other tiger within their territory. Tigers spend most of their time hunting. This animals usually attack any animal for food including human beings. They also attack other animals such as bear, leopard, and crocodile.

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Cape Buffalo

African/ Cape Buffalo

African or cape buffalo are easily confused with domestic ones. In Africa, it has been discovered that cape buffaloes kill more people yearly.  These buffaloes are among the great five game animals in Africa. If you irritate any African buffalo beast, it can follow you and attacks you severely. The best way you can protect yourself is staying away from these animals.
Snakes are one of the most frightening animals on earth. Not all snake species attack people. However, some snake species such as Cobra and Taipan, black mamba, Tiger Snake, Viper, and Brown Snake have a very dangerous poison that kills most human beings. Thousands of people in the world die due to different snake bites.
Mosquitoes are found in almost all continents except Antarctica. They easily get in contact with any human being. Mosquitoes have killed millions of people since evolution. Whenever mosquitoes sting any person, it can lead to various deadly diseases such as Malaria, Yellow fever and Dengue.
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African Elephants

African Elephants
Elephants are often quoted as sociable animals to human beings. They are one of largest beast animals on earth. These animals are able to destroy extensive areas leading to total destruction of property and death of human beings. Other animals usually sense danger any time they come in contact with elephants.
Sharks are very dangerous marine animals. They are well-known for killing deep sea/ocean divers. They comprise of various subspecies. However, the Great White Shark is considered to be the most dangerous and strong compared to others. They are very speedy when moving in water. Sharks are more than twenty feet long and have over two tones.
Box Jelly Fish
The most hazardous species of box jelly fish exist in the Indian Ocean. A healthy human being can die within two to five minutes after he or she is sting by Sea Wasp Box Jellyfish. Although there are minimal instances of attack, they cause great danger when they sting.

Clostridium Botulinum
This is the most poisonous animal on earth. About four kilograms of these bacteria can kill all human beings on earth. They survive in the soil of all continents.
Polar bear
Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Polar bear Dangerous Animals in The World
Polar bear
These animals reside along the Arctic region. They are considered as the cutest but very dangerous animals on earth. Polar bear are the largest living carnivals on earth. When they are hungry, the eat anything the come across.
Blue Ringed Octopus
Blue ringed octopuses survive in large water bodies. They have a very powerful memory. They also contain poison which can kill about 26 people. What makes the matter worse is that their poison does have any known cure.
All these animals can cause great harm if any person is not careful.

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