Ten Reasons to Choose Singapore as Your Next Travel Destination

For those families and individuals who are looking for a safe and family-friendly destination spot where they can find some peace and quiet, Singapore is a great place to go. This city is found on a diamond-shaped island and is a magnificent display of exotic vegetation. The renown parks and botanical gardens are recognized as the best in the world for their beautiful displays of many plant species.These following are reasons why you should visit Singapore in your next travel destination.

1. Great mix of Cultures –

If you ask of what to see in Singapore, the locals may laugh at you. This small city has a fantastic array of tourist attractions with a mix of many cultures, which can delight travelers of all profiles. Sentosa Island, Underwater World, the Night Safari and Chinese & Japanese Park are some must visit attractions. Riding at the Singapore Flyer, the world’s largest observation wheel, gives tourists an exceptional feel that they cannot forget. Add more fun & delight by visiting cultural districts of Chinatown and Little India.

2. Fantastic local transportation –

Local transport is a problem that many tourists face in many destinations. In Singapore, the country transportation system is wonderfully good, and the place is extremely connected to all the key destinations in the world, and a tourist can enjoy an excellent inter-city connectivity in the country, which is a relief when you choose Singapore packages.

3. Charming neighborhoods –

These cool neighborhoods put a spin on day-to-day live while residing in Singapore. Singapore property has wonderful neighborhoods such as the prestigious neighborhoods of Tanglin, Sentosa Island, Katong, Tiong Bahru and River Valley is a neighborhood that reinvents itself as a hip, modern area brimming with late-bars, malls, shops and a plethora of dining options to suit all tastes.

4. The Attractions-

Despite the high urbanization and modernization, there are many places you can visit on your Singapore tour package that can help you relax in a lap of nature. Here are some of the places you can visit while in Singapore.

i. Merlion Statue:

Merlion Statue must have passed through your eyes since it is plastered on some posters for promoting tourism in Singapore which bad become the icon symbol of the country.

ii. Universal Studios:

It is a theme park that was themed after Hollywood. If you want to find out more about your movies, then this is the place to give you the best thrill.



iii.Sentosa Island:

It is included in all Singapore packages. It is more of the beach-studded island that has a whole potpourri sea revelries like beaches, water sports, and food although it has a healthy number of other attraction like Dolphin Lagoon, Tiger Sky Tower and Underwater World.

iv.Singapore Zoo:

It is an extraordinary place with a motley mixture of various animals. Singapore Zoo USP is a Night Safari which takes you to a wildlife trail on the night dark hours of the evening.

v. Singapore Flyer:

The 30-minute ride on the Singapore Flyer can change your life topsy-turvy, quite literally! The 150m giant wheel gives you a fascinating view of the city and makes your Singapore holiday a memorable one.

vi. Botanic Garden:

To make yourself ogle at the grand flowers and unique plants, do pay a visit to the Botanic Garden. It won’t kill much of your time, and it is best to take an early morning walk into this park. It undoubtedly lends a different dimension to your Singapore tour.

5. Fun in Sentosa –

Once you get off the bus at Sentosa Singapore you will be invaded by a whole host of options on how you will be spending the rest of the day there. Whether you are a parent with your kids, lovebirds, singles, young adults, there are so many exciting activities that await you like:

i. You can ride a cable car and be on top of the world –

The ride can take you a few hundred meters in the air! Breathe in and out in wonder as you enjoy seeing beautiful clouds melt into an ocean.

ii. Have you been ever on the luge? –

The luge is like a makeshift ride with no wheels down on a slippery slope.

iii. Play mini golf

The best methods to spend a smart afternoon in Sentosa is by playing a mini golf on the course with 18 holes.

6. The nightlife –

The night hours wouldn’t be dull at all because of the fabulous restaurants, pubs, and bars in Singapore.

i. Sizzling drinks

Whichever bar you visit during the night hours in Singapore, you wouldn’t be disappointed after glancing through the beverages menu. The bars and pubs in the country provide you with sizzling drinks that will mesmerize your senses and gift you with a gala time. You can enjoy the best of cocktails from around the world at the bars and pubs in the country.

ii. Exquisite delicacies

During the late night hours, the restaurants and bars in the country serve you with plenty of contemporary dishes. Most of the pubs and bars in the country that are open during the darkest hours of night provide fantastic food options to lure their guests.

iii. Vibrant ambience

The ambiance provided by the bars, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs in the country is electrifying. You will love the vibrant ambiance when you set out to enjoy the nightlife in the country. The discotheques in the country help you to forget the world outside and enjoy your time because of the excellent ambiance provided.

iv. Foot tapping music

The best bars in Singapore provide you with excellent music options too. Most of the pubs and bars offer the service of a DJ during the late night parties. If you happen to visit the bars and restaurants in the country during a weekend, you will be able to enjoy foot-tapping music and be part of a huge lot of people who engage in dancing and singing along with the hit numbers.

7. The Unique Food –

Singapore is known as a Food Paradise in the world since you can get all kinds of cuisines there. If you like food much at heart, you are not willing to leave Singapore once you visit there.

8. Excellent Accommodations –

An uber-luxurious Singapore short term accommodation is not a difficult proposition at all. In fact, it is pretty easy to find something suitable for you even before you assume your role in a new organization.Marina Bay and Raffles Place have a high potential to offer you stupendous short term house rental Singapore options.

9. The parks in Singapore –

Holiday in Singapore takes you to some reserves that you may explore on your leisure. Kusu Island, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Pulau Ubin, Sentosa Island and Pulau Hantu being some of the most popular and sought after destinations.

10. Cleanliness in Singapore –

Singapore has the cleanest beaches in the world where you can relax on sands as you experience great sunbathing moments as part of your tour package.

11. Best Medical Facilities –

Singapore has the best medical facilities in the entire world. And so if you are sick during the tour, you should be assured of the best medical practice.

12. Low crime rate –

Singapore has a very low crime rate. Hence there is such low risk of being mugged or captured. If you want to have a safe holiday, then you can choose Singapore packages.

Remember that Singapore is very strict when it comes to litter and so on. The country aims at being a top first-world cleanest place, and they are on their way to achieving that objective. If you travel with medications be sure to carry a prescription bearing your name for each type of medication you need because there will be an inspection when you arrive.


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