Ten Great Reasons to visit Paris this Fall

Paris is the capital city of France and has many amazing attractions with millions of visitors from all over the world flocking the city annually. Its famous tourist attraction includes the iconic Eiffel Tower that is considered as the “symbol” of the city and the country. Other tourist attractions include museums, operas, concert halls, chapels, cathedrals and palaces. The city is also famous for its cafes, restaurants, and amazing delicious food such as wine and cheese. The city is a symbol of French culture because of its many amazing monuments. The city also has amazing hotels and apartments that offer affordable comfortable accommodation. There are direct pocket- friendly flights from Manchester to Paris and from other cities making it easier to travel there. Here is a list of ten great reasons to visit Paris this fall:

  1. Amazing Food

Paris offers some of the best amazing delicious food in the world and visitors from all over the world travel to the city to enjoy the delicious food. The city is also famous for the quality wine they have been producing for a very long time.

  1. Great Weather

Paris has great amazing weather that is cool, calm and relaxing making it a great city, which you should definitely visit this fall to enjoy the great weather.

  1. Affordable flights

There are amazing affordable flights from other cities to Paris making it easier to travel and there are more budget friendly thus saving money on your holiday vacation. If you do travel to France from Scotland, such offers include flights from Aberdeen to Paris.


  1. Better accommodation prices

Paris has incredible hotels and apartments, which offer great accommodation at pocket friendly prices thus also helps you save some money while enjoying great remarkable accommodation. This indeed makes it one of the cities you should definitely visit.

  1. Romance that never ends

Paris has been nicknamed the “the city of love” as it offers romance that never ends. It is indeed an ideal city to visit with your loved ones and spouse and do many fun amazing things together and also dine together at popular restaurants.

  1. Fascinating sites

Paris has many fascinating sites to visit that will definitely amaze you. The sites include the famous Eiffel tower, museums where you get to witness amazing masterpieces, Disneyland, palaces, churches and cathedrals. The view of these breath-taking sites will definitely amaze you.

  1. Less crowded

Although many tourists visit Paris, it not crowed since it is a large city. This helps you relax and enjoy as you explore the city during your vacation. In addition, there is no congestion of people and cars and thus it has an amazing relaxing atmosphere.


  1. Colorful Nature

Paris has an incredible colorful nature, which includes the amazing historic monuments, parks, the iconic Eiffel tower, churches, cathedrals and a beautiful riverscape, which make the city have a colorful lovely nature worth seeing.

  1. Awesome Fall festivals

There are also awesome fall festivals in Paris that will cheer you and the family. Some of these festivals include the Techno parade and Nuit Blanche.

  1. Time for some Hot Chocolate

Paris has many amazing restaurants and cafes and therefore you can easily get time to relax at one of the restaurants as you enjoy some hot chocolate with your family while also enjoying the amazing atmosphere.

It is important that you book your flights and accommodation in advance so that you have an amazing holiday vacation.


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