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Soul Search Though Travelling

Don’t you ever get tired or doing the same thing every day? Going through the same routine from home, school, work then back, it’s like an endless viscous cycle that could consume your whole being, before you know it you’re all wrinkled up, stuck on your rocking chair filled with resentment with “what ifs and what could haves” .  And the most painful part would be “I could have given up where I am now to see the world.” But then again the moment that you’d realize there this, it would already be too late. Before this would happen to you, think twice on where you are right now whether you’re happy with your daily routine or you would want to unleash your inner peace and search your soul.

If you’re tired with the same cycle everyday then fret no more, check your schedule and get a week off. Hop on a plane, a bus or a ferry and take the journey that could change your life. Travelling isn’t just some recreational hobby or a job for some TV hosts, it’s a lifestyle. It’s supposed to be part of who you are. It makes you see the world, get in one with nature and find your inner peace. And it doesn’t have to be expensive mind you, no, not at all. Travelling doesn’t necessarily mean spending thousands of dollars by hopping on a plane and going somewhere fancy, it doesn’t have to be very far, you can go the next state or through the woods, hop on to the next island or hitch hike to somewhere you’ve never been to.

Travelling will open not just your eyes, but your souls as well. Rest assured when you’d get back, you’ll be a better person. You’ll feel renewed, energized and revitalized. It’s one of the things worth spending for. Take a step in writing new adventures, finding true love and making new friends. Let go of your busy office life, your worries and anxieties for a week and experience freedom and inner peace. Climb the mountains and meditate. Go to the beach and play with the waves, Go to somewhere you’ve never been to, get lost and captivate the moment, for these are priceless random memories that’s worth keeping forever.

www.holidayfans.com Soul Search Though Travelling

One of the best therapies for people suffering from depression and anxiety is travelling, it can boost up your happy hormones and breaks the chain of your everyday pressures, its gives you a chance to unwind and venture new experiences. Take time to detach yourself from the city life and all the chaos it brings, and chase the waves or listen to the wind. Pack your bags and hit the road, take a week off and relax, unwind and try to find yourself through travelling, search for your soul and let it breathe. One you’ll try it, you’ll get the hang of it, make it a habit just make sure to visit different places and enjoy every moment of it. (Image by Aya Rezeika)


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