www.holidayfans.com Snagging Travel Deals is not Tough

Snagging Travel Deals is not Tough

In the contemporary world– made smaller by easy internet research, more travel options and great discounted deals, it is not difficult for travelers to see their choicest places at prices that they can afford. These top tips help you save big and travel farther than you may have imagined. 

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Read and Research More!

With most deals being online these days, signing up for newsletter alerts and email subscriptions with major hotel loyalty programs (InterContinental, Starwood, Hilton and Hyatt, to name some); major airline programs (United, US Airways, American, Delta…) and other travel portals proves to be an act that makes relevant messages arrive right into your mailbox. Well, this may in turn translate into a host of emails for you to go through on  a daily basis, but then they may be worth once you get your hands on the steal of a vacation. Some noteworthy websites to research upon and follow on a regular basis include Frugal Travel Guy, Priceline, Kayak and BiddingforTravel.com, among many others. (Image by Aivar Ruukel)

Be Willing and Eager to Invest the Time

Taking out  valuable time to learn more about deals and rewards will payoff for a lifetime. Hotel/ bank rewards points programs, frequent flyer programs and discounted  offers provided by credit card companies and other merchant organizations like Amex Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards are often available to most people –but utilized by the lucky few. With a little awareness and patience to learn the nuances of the game, you will be in a better position to snag last minute flight deals or make use of free miles coming your way—especially when the prices are far too high for your comfort!

Travel During Off-Season or on Actual Holidays

Have you ever thought of taking that early morning flight on Christmas or Thanksgiving? You may uncover savings that may go as high as 20 to 30 percent in certain cases. Again, travelling in groups also helps in splitting up costs and allows you to venture in regions which you are uncomfortable going on your own too. It’s best to redeem your miles during off-season—remember, flexibility and patience is the key to success in this game.

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Sign-Up for Credit Cards—the Right One

While the American Express Starwood or the Chase Sapphire Preferred cards are liked by many, you may like to go ahead  and choose your own favorite one. In addition to paying out double points on your travel plans and some popular dining options, the rewards from these cards can used for availing discounted deals on various airline and hotel partners too. Cardholders are allowed to convert their airline miles and enjoy a whopping 5,000 mile bonus for each 20,000 points transferred, cool, eh? With plenty of generous sign up bonuses and other goodies in stores, these credit cards are pretty worthwhile—go in for one. (Image by GALLO DE ORO)

Be Attentive to Category Spending

Ensure that you are maximizing your card points/rewards earning power by working upon the right spending categories. For instance, the American Express Gold card and Chase’s IHG Rewards Club pay out 2 points/ dollar on your grocery store spending, which is a great way of capitalizing on everyday expenses. It’s also advisable to pay off your balances in total , each month!

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  1. I agree! My sister and I booked a trip to Prague, Budapest and Athens yesterday using a good travel deal for air and hotels and then hotel points we have to fill in the gaps. It will be 16 days for less than $1,500 round trip from the U.S. We did the exact things you say to do. The other thing is to be ready to act when you see a deal. Most people I know ponder it until the opportunity is lost. Pounce!

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