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Several Ways to Move around London

One common characteristic among big and busy cities is that they all have a large number of inhabitants. This results in equally high numbers of pedestrians, motorists and commuters using public transport. Consequently, the same can easily lead to frequent congestion if the transport system is not properly managed. Accidents, high levels of environmental pollution and frequent inconveniences will be direct consequences of an inefficient transport system. As such, a reliable transport system that is fast, affordable and safe and easy to use, is necessary in such large cities.  London is a great example of a growing city with a growing need for reliable transportation systems.

New railway system in London

Due to the importance of a reliable transport system, according to travel news found in this site, London has awarded a contract worth £1.0 billion to the Canadian giant train manufacturer, Bombardier. The contract will see the company build 65 trains to run on a 42-kilometer rail system that will connect the county of Essex in the east to Heathrow Airport, located west of London. The Bombardier in London project, expected to open in 2018, will revolutionize the transport system in the city.(image by AndrewHA’s).
In addition to the upcoming system, London offers several main transport systems, commonly used by the residents of London:

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - New railway system Ways to Move around London

The railway system

London’s extensive rail network can be categorized into light rail and heavy rail. The railway system is a major transportation system that connects airports and offers transport between different parts of the big city. In addition, the railway connects the capital to other cities and towns in the country and the region at large. With a number of train terminals in the city, this is arguably one of the most popular transportation systems in the city of London. This system comprises underground, tramways and docklands.


The advanced and modern road network in the city provides both inhabitants and visitors reliable bus transport services within the city. In fact, London is famous for the red double-decker buses that provide shuttle services in the city. The buses follow a strict schedule and will guarantee safe and timely services. The buses, which ply on 700 different routes, provide 24-hour services, a factor that makes them convenient to over six million passengers.

Personal cars

Personal cars provide a comfortable and convenient transport system to a number of people living in London. The modern dual carriageways into and penetrating the city ensure a smooth drive into the Central Business District. Although this may be a more expensive option in comparison to public transportation systems, such as the railway and bus services, there are still motorists who drive daily into the busy city.


Taking a taxi is a common practice in London. Taxis are available, providing transport both within the city and to areas outside the city. Taxis may prove a valuable asset for those who do not know their way around London and those who cannot use public transport at the time. There are different categories of taxis:(image by rachael kuivinen).

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Taxis Ways to Move around London

· Taxi cars which are black in color. Their prices are calculated based on distance and the time the journey takes.

· Bicycles are also used as taxis in the city. Depending on a passenger’s preferences, they can opt for bicycle taxis.

Car rental in London

Private Hire Vehicles or minicabs are available from several companies in the city. Car rental is an alternative transportation system. Booking is done via phone, online or by physically visiting the company offices. One advantage of hiring a car is the convenience in relation to one’s schedule. The services are available in self-drive and chauffeur-driven packages.

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