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Satisfying your Wanderlust

Often time we’d have this urge to wander, to satisfy our soul, to live life freely, to relax or to simply to satisfy our urge for adventure. I’m quite positive that all these things would cross your mind every now and then, but you never got a chance to really do it, which would usually end-up in what ifs and what could haves. You might end up beaten, frustrated and would eventually give up, but then you’re urge for travel would keep crawling back in. Listed below are a couple of tips on how to get your mind to it, and you‘ll eventually be able to get yourself to stand up, see the world and satisfy your wanderlust.

www.holidayfans.com Satisfying your Wanderlust - Put your mind to it

Put your mind to it

Focus on your goal and put your mind to it. Think it over and motivate yourself, don’t lose that passion to travel, always look for ways to keep that burning, with enough motivation, you’ll eventually get tired of sitting around and waiting for the answers and your quest would eventually start. (Image by Robert Nunnally)

Get a Job and Save for it

Yes, you’re broke too. Why not get a second job just for your travelling funds? Preferably a job online or the one that wouldn’t stress you that much. Allocate a specific amount from your paycheck and put it on travel. It may take a little while in terms of saving though, but then again, good things come to those who wait.

www.holidayfans.com Satisfying your Wanderlust - Make it a priority

Make it a priority

Put more importance to it than just daydreaming. Make it a point that you should travel at least once a year and yes MAKE IT HAPPEN! It doesn’t have to be that far, you can hitch hike going to another state or take a ferry. Travelling doesn’t have to be abroad all the time , what I would usually suggest, most especially on a budgeted trip for beginners it that you explore your country first, visit places in your country you’ve never been too, Im more that sure you’ll find an awesome spot that could get you your money’s worth. (Image by Salwa alzughaibi)

Get a job that could fund you

Who would have thought that some people are actually getting paid to travel? Isn’t that amazing? You’ll get to do what you love and get paid for it. Look for a job that does that, you can work abroad by being an English teacher (most Asian countries offer that) or you can be a travel blogger. Either way is not impossible and the easiest way to travel too, though it may take time for you to get hired, but is always worth the wait. After all, doing what you’ve always wanted and getting paid for is the best job in the world.

Now that you’ve read through the whole article, keep that fire burning and the thirst to wander active. Motivate yourself and make your dream a reality. Look up job offers or flight promotions and start planning your next trip.  By then you’re urge to travel would only grow deep and the next thing you knew it, you’re already across the globe, writing about your journey.


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