Rome: The Most Fun Winter Place A Family Can Ever Tour

If you got bored with the daily schedule in your home city and want to escape it for some real fun, Rome is that place you can spend time having fun with your family getting around the city and capturing romantic ruins of the great Rome or “Roma” as the locals pronounce it. You can lose yourself in the nostalgia that Rome city castes upon you: you can stop at some big sights like St. Peters Basilica in the Vatican the brave gladiators once made their home and get transported in the wonderful history of the place.

Every child in the world has a huge accumulation of bold stories of the gladiators sipped in their little brain through a lot of movies on “HBO” or “Discovery channel.” Your children are certainly going to have a blast making those gladiators their friends, getting a lot of clicks of the monuments and sharing their stories with their friends back home. Keep in mind that in popular destinations like Rome, it is recommended to book your transportation and accommodation in advance, especially when traveling with your family.  Many online sites such as Monarch offer flights to Rome and many other services to meet you needs and your pockets.

Trevi Fountain

As you make your way through the zillions of tourists from across the world having fun around the Trevi fountain (one of the most famous and fun to be around with family destination), you can wish for quite a few good things to happen to you before you turn and dump a few coins in Trevi Fountain: part water feature, part magnificent sculpture. If your child is a lovely cute little baby, he/she may not like this idea of throwing money in the water and may keep the coins to buy a few chocolates for him/herself. (image byAndy Worthington).

Street Artists

If you don’t happen to have any artist friends in your family who keeps asking for an appointment to work on a spectacular charcoal portrait of yours, you and your children would love to sit around those artists for your lovely portraits. You can find those portrait artists at almost every corner of the street. In the beginning, you are impatient and keep running to the artist’s stand to see how you look at the paper every next minute; and the man asks you to go back and advises you to remain still for some minutes. Just a quite few more strokes and he makes your portrait come to life on the paper. That is thrilling, you would say. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. You go back and fix it on the wall of your bedroom and it never fails to amaze you and remind you the great time you have had once in Rome.

Mediterranean Beach Walk 

Well, if you love being around on the sea beaches and seashores with your family, that is a great place for you. If you plan to stay in some great hotel, it will have a plenty of swimming pools but it is nothing like dipping your toes in the Mediterranean on a sweltering day baking yourself in the sunlight on a summer day. Sperlonga is one of the seashores admired the most by the authorities on the environment. It has been given a ‘blue flag’ for the clean water and other great initiatives to make it a wonderful experience for the families touring Rome. It is the nearest destination from Rome: some 45 minutes away; famous for the whitewashed town and amazing stretch of sand all over the place (image by let eat bee).


You will admire about every tourism destination that you can order for anything you want from the service stations located all around. And the experience you will never forget is guaranteed by a little bit of everything Rome is privileged with.


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Header image by Moyan_Brenn



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