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Road Trip Australia

Australia is shockingly vast. Even for those who call this continent home, the sheer scope and variety of the land is a source of continual amazement. Australia is unique in the way it situates modern metropolises immediately adjacent to expansive wildernesses, unchanged since time immemorial. For natives wanting to connect with the land outside the bounds of their hometown and internationals hoping to dive headlong into the endless wild, Australia is ripe for exploration and discovery. There is more than enough to satisfy even the most adventurous for a lifetime.

Aussie infrastructure reflects this spirit of exploration. Highway 1 stretches over 25,000 kilometers, all the way along the perimeter of the country, making it the world’s longest highway. It is a main artery from which any number of capillary journeys can commence. If one were to stick to this main road and cover it from end to end, the trip would take more than 9 months. For those who lack a vehicle that could make such a trip, and cover all of the varied terrains that can be explored along the way, Drivenow Campervan rentals can ensure safety and comfort for whatever level of adventure you choose.

Road warriors from years past have laid out many routes that will be of interest to holidayers and journeymen alike. The Canning Stock Route is the longest such trail in the world, developed more than a century ago as a path to guide along cattle to market. Gibb River Road and Birdsville Tracks are other famous stock routes that have been maintained as well as incorporated into traditional Aussie songs. They can still be followed to this day, leading the traveler through amazing landscapes and wildlife habitats.(Image by yaruman5)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Canning Stock Route Road Trip Australia

For foreigners, a mental image of Australian landscape is very often one of dry, flat expanse. But the nation has much more variety than this. Rainforest Way in New South Wales and Queensland has some of the greatest and greenest biological diversity anywhere in the world, with volcanic formations towering over rich forests.

The Great Ocean Road in Victoria is also a fascinating destination. You will wind along dramatic coastal mountains and lovely beaches, climaxing at the famous 12 Apostles rock formation along the Southern Ocean. If you head west, you’ll find yourself in Australia’s finest wine country. A well-established 200 kilometer route between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin takes you right through the middle of it. This landscape of untouched wilds and sprawling farmlands, with native plants and animals to be seen all along the way. If you travel all the way to the road’s coastal resolution, there are many opportunities to see whales near Cape Leeuwin. This is where the Indian and Pacific Oceans converge, making it a natural hub for migrating sea creatures.(Image by Calamari for Thought)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Cape Leeuwin Road Trip Australia

Australian cities are a perfect bustling getaway for holidayers from anywhere, but the Australian wilderness is the best choice for those seeking a more peaceful walkabout. For Aussie-born people seeking to get to know the heartland of their great country, and thrill-seekers from everywhere else, Australia has more than enough beauty to engage a mind for a lifetime of journeying. Find out what the nation has to offer the explorer in you today, and plan a trip guaranteed to be like no other.


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