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Popular Events & Festivals in Edinburgh

There are plenty of festivals that brighten up Edinburgh throughout the year. In August, there is even higher concentration of cultural events that attracts great audience from all parts of the world. Dates to some of these events can vary. It is therefore advisable to check and confirm the dates before making plans for your trip. Transportation is easy around the city and you can always use car rental Edinburgh airport services to move around the city. Some of the most popular events and festivals in Edinburgh include:

Mary King’s Ghost Fest

Depending on how skeptical you feel about the festival, it can be a spooky excursion into the paranormal or even the city’s most feeble excuse for having a festival. The celebrations are usually held at various venues in the Old Town. It is held in the late March and involves 10 days of bus tours, talking, ghost hunting, vigils and clairvoyant gatherings.

Ceilidh Culture Festival

This festival takes places at various venues around the city and is celebrated in the late March and early April. The celebrations are backed by the local authority and focuses on community’s traditional Scottish dances, songs, storytelling and even music. The celebrations are spread all over the city for a period of about four weeks.(Image by Canongate Cadjers)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Ceilidh Culture Festival Popular Events & Festivals in Edinburgh

Edinburgh International Science Festival

This festival is celebrated in a period of two weeks in the early April. It is usually held at various venues and is considered to be hugely enjoyable. This is the largest science jamboree in the United Kingdom and has been running for more than 20 years. Its various workshops, events and talks attract more than 60,000 people from different parts of the world.

Beltane Fire Festival

This festival is an ancient tradition marking that is celebrated to mark the transition to spring from winter. The festival was revived in the 80s and has since featured great dances, costumes, body paints, drumming and even fire. It is usually held at the Calton Hill on the 30th of April. This festival attracts about 12,000 visitors and the tickets are available at around £5 to £7.

Doors Open Day

Every year, organizations collaborate with the heritage body, the Cockburn Association to allow the public to access some of the buildings that few people have seen or get to see. The event is usually held in various places especially during the weekends in the late September. During the event, visitors get to see a wide range of buildings varying from private homes to lighthouses.

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay

This event is celebrated throughout the city on the 29th of December to 1st of January. Modern celebrations last for four days and features torchlight procession, fire works, street dances and also bands in Princes Street Gardens. On the New Year’s Day, a mini-triathlon is held for the hardy. On the evening of 31st December, the streets are usually filled with over 100,000 visitors. However, the events have previously faced last minute cancellation due to severe weather but it is still very valuable to the Edinburgh’s economy.(Image by David Gilmour)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Popular Events & Festivals in Edinburgh

These are just a few of the many events and festivals. Ensure that you book your tickets early if you plan to visit some of these events and festivals. Make inquiries from their websites to find out their dates.


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