Parking Options Around Airports in the UK

When planning a vacation around Europe, or more specifically, around the UK, parking around an airport can be an unnerving experience to say the least. Going in unprepared can mean endless driving around and eventual over-payment or citations for parking in unauthorized places. Here are some options to consider that should go a long way to making sure your airport parking experience doesn’t leave you completely exasperated in addition to Stansted parking from

Short Stay Parking

If you’re not going to be away from your vehicle too long, there are designated places to park for limited periods of time. Be careful using this method, however. If you think you’re going to exceed the allotted time you may be better off, for example, finding a better offer on Heathrow Airport parking.  As a rule, this isn’t really the best way to go.

Long Stay Off-Site Parking

All of the larger airports in the UK are surrounded by long stay parking facilities. It is a simple matter to drive up to one, secure a spot and shuttle off to the airport. Your vehicle will remain in a secure location until you return to retrieve it. Many offer shuttle services that depart regularly to take you directly to the airport entrance in a timely manner.

Car Parks

All large UK airports have many adjacent multi-story car parks, where you can park your vehicle. You may have to make a short walk to the terminal, and this option often does not include shuttle service. This option is a good marriage of economy and convenience.

Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet services are at the top of the convenience list. It is the fastest, easiest way to get from parking your vehicle to walking through the airport entrance. As the name implies, a representative meets you, goes with you and drops you off at the airport, and then takes your vehicle to a secure parking location to await your return.

Pre-bookable Parking

Eliminate all of the hassles of parking around the airport by simply arranging it all beforehand. Such services are available at the many large airports in the UK. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call to secure your spot. Once there, a shuttle conveniently drives you right up to the airport entrance. When you return, the same service will take you back to your vehicle. It doesn’t get any more painless than that! In addition to convenience, this option is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Plan Ahead, Avoid the Hassle

As you can see, there are several parking options to suit any specific need when traveling to and from the airport. The most important consideration here is that of all of these options, every one of them can be planned ahead of time. You may consider Holiday Extras for airport parking options. By doing this, all of the legendary hassles associated with airport parking are completely avoided. Go in knowing what to expect, get it, and get on with it!

There really is no need to endure the kinds of complications so often endured by those that take all the time in the world to plan their flights and their trip but none at all to secure parking, which actually is probably the easiest part of the entire planning process.

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