Morocco Culture – What to Expect When Arriving

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Strategically located between Africa and Europe, bounded in the West by the North Atlantic Ocean, Morocco’s culture is definitely a conglomeration of the good things that Europe and Africa have to offer. Its people’s diversified culture offers the most exciting surprise for tourists and travelers, especially for first-timers. Here are the 5 things to expect when you first visit Morocco:

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Dades Valley

Festivals – Morocco may probably the country that celebrates the most number of festivals all year round. From celebrating a 3-day feast of delicious dates in the Erfoud Region to the religious observation of the Muslim Ramadan, and from the world-renown Music Festival in the Essaouira Town to the Rose Festival in the Dades Valley, Moroccan feasts have proven to be the best events for the tourists to witness.

Moroccan Hospitality – its people’s welcoming hospitality definitely attracts you to see the streets of the urban Morocco where life may be relatively slower than how Westerners are used to. It is evidence to how they value the mixture of living and enjoying life. Here, people share what they have, listen to what others say, and enjoy every bit of the present time.
Language Diversity – One will be surprised with how most people know two or three languages from French and Spanish of Europe, to Arabic and Japanese of the East. This illustrates how tourism is very active in this melting pot and how the local people try hard to adapt to this growing industry.
Food – Natural and healthy may best describe how Moroccans prepare their food. Their cuisine is a mixture of the best of the Arab, African, and Mediterranean. Most are grown without hormones and antibiotics. Serving and eating from a communal plate while sitting on the floor may surprise some. But definitely eating with only your right hand will surprise most, as it is customary to Moroccans. But all households have their spoons and forks for visitors who are not used to eating with their hands. But trying the street food may be one’s best bet to have a taste of the real Moroccan cuisine.
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Sahara Desert Morocco

Sahara Desert – Do not go to Morocco without going to the Sahara Desert. It is definitely the highlight of anyone’s trip. Whether you like to experience traveling like a nomad with a camel trek or spending the night under the stars in the middle of the desert, the Sahara Desert can offer you this and so much more.

Looking for snow, beach or desert? Or maybe trying to witness ancient religious structures in the rural towns or modern buildings in the urban cities? They are all here. Some of your usual destinations are different from another. But Morocco is different from within. Morocco is the home of differences. Diversity spells the name of this country.
Moroccan culture is a fascination for curious first-timers, a spectacle to experienced travelers and a wonder to seasoned tourists. But far above and beyond these, it is a place where outsiders can learn a lot about the value of life, the importance of people, and the wonders of living life with people important to you.

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