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Mexico: the Island of the Women (Isla Mujeres)

From glitzy Cancun, you just have to do some eight miles across the bays, offshore and get to Isla Mujeres which has best retained its old fashioned innocence as well as maintained its nice fishing villages though they are ceasing to be sleepy as tourists are flocking in high numbers every passing year.

Home of Activities

The island of women features some stunning beaches that are ideal for sun tanning, swimming as well as snorkeling. If you are a landlubber, you can enjoy some explorations in the great archeological sites or visit some interesting points like those of the golf cart or moto. You will also get numerous souvenir shops waiting for you from all corners; these shops will spoil you with brilliant bargains while the nearby host restaurants and hotels will call you for some frosty drinks as well as R&R that’s Isla Mujeres at a glance. The name ideally translates to the island of women.

Isla Mujeres

The island of the women in actual sense is not populated with more women or unique women compared to other parts of Mexico but you will still find some bay of women in the island as well.  If you however get there with a women attitude you will be surprised as the island is just like any other island though it’s strikingly beautiful compared to other ordinary islands.

Snorkeling and Diving

Get to the famous El Garrafon National Underwater Park which is ideally located on the southwest of the island, this park is best for you who is interested in underwater fun as it provides some warm waters which are clear and visible from underneath. You will however have to part with some cash as the park is now privatized, however the area is tranquil and you will love the kayaks and other great water toys that are up for leasing. The park is extensively large thus you don’t have to worry that you will be over impacted.

www.holidayfans.com Mexico the Island of the Women Isla Mujeres - Playa Norte

Beach Town Feel

The northern tip of the island should be your next destination if you are looking for some beach town feel, you will be spoilt with the nice beaches, Playa Norte offers, hotels as well as good restaurants which have everything that you can ever think you need in the island of women. (Image by dolanh)

Remote Beaches

If you are looking for some privacy, you can get to the isolated beach at Zacil Ha Road. There are also plenty of other remote beaches that will offer you total isolation, you can also consider to get to Pescador  or Playa Lancheros which will see you leave humanity behind, you can ask directions from the locals or consult your GPS which is more secure and precise. You will definitely love the island.

www.holidayfans.com Mexico the Island of the Women Isla Mujeres - Boat Ride

Getting There

You can get to the island via air or by using a boat to ferry you from Cancun which is incomparably cheaper. You can also consider to get back using the ferries but remember they keep some schedules. (Image by Julie L.S)

Isla Mujeres or the island of women is not true to its name but there is enough for you to sightsee and to entertain you as well. The island is very ideal for families as you can have some very good times together.


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