Making Social Media Part of Your Conference

Many conference organisers forget that social media can be a powerful part of running a successful event. If you include it with the right strategies, it can be your best tool for promoting your travels, your stories, your conference, engaging your attendees and running an event that gets the publicity it deserves.

If your event has a strong social media strategy it will generate conversation, make your event more exciting and help you to run a flawless question and answer session. So how can you make social media a part of your conference at Carden Park in Cheshire? Here are some great strategies that you can use:

Start a Hashtag Wall to Engage Your Attendees

You have probably already thought about creating a dedicated hashtag for your conference – but what will encourage your guests to actually use it? You want to prompt attendees to engage in conversation with each other about the ideas that the conference has generated and the speakers that inspired them.

A strategy that was used at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference is to use a large jumbotron on which conference attendees can see posts from other guests. Every time someone posts to Facebook, tweets or shares an Instagram image and uses the hashtag, their post is displayed for everyone else to see.

This makes people more likely to respond to the social media conversation that they see on the jumbotrons, when they see what using the hashtag can do. You’ll get a buzzing conversation going, which is a great way to get people more involved.

Promote the Hashtag Everywhere

Your hashtag should be visible everywhere, so that your attendees can’t miss it. It can be included on your event website as well as on the brochures, slides, posters, directories and all other information so that your attendees will easily know how to tweet about the event.

You can also encourage your conference speakers to mention the hashtag at the beginning of the presentation as well as respond to tweets after the presentation is over. The more attendees are exposed to the hashtag, the more likely they are to use it and the more effective it will be as a social media tool for promoting your event.


Use Twitter for Q&A

Another great strategy is to use Twitter for your question and answer sessions. The old fashioned model involves audience members asking their questions via microphone, which has its disadvantages. Namely, the shy audience members are less likely to ask questions and those who ask the questions are sometimes more interested in promoting their own agenda than asking a good quality question.

By using a specialised hashtag on Twitter you will be able to collect and screen questions in advance, which will allow you to select the best questions as well as make asking questions less daunting for the audience members.

Use a Social Media Management Platform

Because social media will be such a big part of your conference, you will need to monitor it and this can be a time consuming job! Use a social media management system such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to look specifically at hashtags and monitor all of the conversations that are happening.

You can use these systems even to find variations of the hashtag in case someone spelled it wrong, or any other keywords that are relevant to the conference. This way you can watch all of the conversations that are happening in real time, so that you can respond to them quickly and answer any questions that come up.

Schedule Relevant Content

Many social media managers allow you the capability to schedule content for the future so that you can set it once and forget about it. This can be a great way to arrange all of the important information you want to share in advance. This content could include evening networking event plans, conference reminders, session overviews and anything else that might be helpful information for those attending your conference.

These are just a few powerful strategies that you can use for making social media a part of your conference at your conference venue in Cheshire. With the right techniques and a good social media plan, you can encourage conversation and increase engagement at your event. This will make your conference more enjoyable, informative and memorable for your attendees.


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