www.holidayfans.com Make your Honeymoon Special at these Exotic Destinations

Make your Honeymoon Special at these Exotic Destinations

If it’s about planning your honeymoon, you can only settle for the best. Unique and special honeymoon travel destinations make your special trip all the more memorable and worthwhile—from windswept beaches kissing the seas of a car-free island in the Baltic to savoring wine that is rarely sipped outside Argentina, you need to explore the attributes of them all…… you never know what may click with both of you!

After going through the brochures and portals of some of the finest honeymoon destinations in the world, you need to zero down on one that lures with sophisticated comforts, fine dining options, exciting indoor/outdoor fun and a lot more. are you ready to go through the characteristic features of some of the less crowded and best honeymooners’ haven on the planet? Read on for more.

Hiddensee Island, Germany

Snuggle in a beautiful beach basket that has been custom built for two in the scenic precincts of Hiddensee Island, Germany. It’s unique in every sense of the word and lets you know it: a tranquil Baltic island that boasts of no motorized transport and where horse driven wagon rides/ bikes happen to be the only ways of moving around. Amble across sandy dunes or take leisurely hand-in-hand strolls on golden coastlines; tuck yourselves in into the comforts of the much loved Strandkorb (or beach basket) or simply watch the waves hit the shores –there is a lot in store for all newlyweds here.

www.holidayfans.com Make your Honeymoon Special at these Exotic Destinations-Shelburne Vermont

Shelburne, Vermont

Take a nap in a quaint lakeside farm located  in Shelburne, Vermont. This small hamlet is basically a 21400-acre working farm located on the banks of Lake Champlain. Here, you can look forward to tasting award-winning wines from the cellars of Shelburne Vineyards; enjoying locavore-friendly food at fine-dining restaurants or discovering the other lesser known options of this very beautiful and tucked away location. (Image by Bob E)

Pamalican Island, Philippines

You may also like to steep your senses in the lush environs of private beaches on the remotely located Pamalican Island. Stretching across 5.5 km long and roughly 500 metres in width, there is only one five-star resort on this island in Philippines. And yes, do remember to take time out for diving in to view the vibrant colors of its 7 sq km coral reef– Pamalican is located right in the heart of the same.

www.holidayfans.com Make your Honeymoon Special at these Exotic Destinations - Uganda

Bwindi Forest National Park, Uganda

Unwind on a gorilla safari that goes deep into the confines of the dense Bwindi Forest National Park, Uganda. Take guided walks to explore its gentle giants, dramatic mountain sceneries, jagged valleys and large communities of monkeys. As evening dawns, get ready to stargaze around campfires or retire into tents built deep inside the canopy of mist-shrouded rainforests. (Image by Safari Partners)

Last but certainly not the least, go ahead with your desire to taste wine amid the copper-colored canyons of Cafayate, Argentina. Complete with vineyards and dotted with estancias (great-looking ranch lodgings); the handsome desert town lures with its candle-lit cafes and delectable regional cuisines (Torrontes) alike.

All the best in your quest for the perfect honeymoon destination.


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Featured image courtesy by  Rimondi Grand Resort and Spa Crete

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