Maintain Your Sanity When Heading to the Airport

We all love to go on holiday, of course, and this is especially true for those people who work hard all year and can’t wait for a summer trip to sunnier climes. Whether you’re off to a Bulgarian beach, a French farm or a Canadian campsite, you always want the trip to be an enjoyable one from the moment you walk out of your home.

For some unfortunate souls, however, the shine can be taken off the whole adventure long before they have arrived at their chosen destination. In fact, it can even be removed before they have managed to get to the check-in desk at the airport. The secret to most successful trips lies in the preparations on departure day.


It’s often the case that the journey from the home to the airport can increase stress levels almost to bursting point. The airports around the UK’s capital are notoriously difficult to get to at times, especially during peak periods. There’s nothing worse than feeling tense when you’re meant to be relaxing, so take steps to avoid anger. (Image by Poetic )

First and foremost, make sure you have everything you need for the holiday. Passports, travel documents and insurance details should all be packed, checked and re-checked, and it’s a good idea to have a written inventory of things you must remember to take with you in your suitcase and in your flight-bag.

Can you REALLY trust public transport?

While many people choose public transport to get to the airport, this isn’t always the best idea. Traffic congestion can lead to severe delays on the bus, and the all too frequent train cancellations can prove extremely frustrating. Given the importance of punctuality when catching a flight, it makes more sense to use your own car.

A Gatwick meet and greet provider is often the most convenient airport parking service of all. Anything that takes the strain out of travelling, and that gets you to the departure gates in plenty of time for your flight, surely has to be taken seriously. Air travel is always far more enjoyable if you’re completely relaxed throughout the day.

parking your car

Parking your car at the airport for the duration of the holiday is surprisingly affordable, especially when compared to using bus and train networks for every member of the party. All that’s left for you to do is pack the luggage into your vehicle and make your way to Gatwick at a time and pace that suits you. (Image by R.K.C. Photography)

Given the fact that we all lead far more hectic lives these days, many of us seem to have forgotten the need for pure relaxation when we finally get the chance to go away. It’s important to remember that your holiday starts when you leave home, not when you arrive at your hotel.

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