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Maintain Safe Intimacy While Travelling

Let’s face the reality; sex has always been part of travel. Whether it’s between busy parents who are trying to rekindle their lost passions or ordinary travelers who are seeking new kicks and adventures or even backpackers who are looking for a thrilling escapade that they can tell to their mates, sex is part and parcel of enjoying life while being abroad. This can be attributed to the romantic notion that people have after being relieved the responsibilities that are associated with being away from home. The idea that people don’t know you further facilitates the growth of sex into being a rampant, illicit and easily luring venture. Residents have also the notions that travelers are sexier than non travelers. Here are some tips to help you play safe sex.

Use a condom

Condom is one of the best protection measures you can consider as far as safe sex is concerned. It will help you avoid unwanted pregnancies, STDs and other endemic diseases like HIV/ AIDS. Use only one condom at a time and be careful as you dispose the used condoms to avoid contaminating yourself with seminal fluids.


If you are unsure how “secure” or healthy it is, flee from the situation ASAP; don’t even hesitate to look back. It will not cost you to save your life; they say if the deal is too sweet think twice.


Avoid doing it when wasted

Alcohol and drugs can interfere with decision making, this can lead to date rape incidences or even forgetting to use Contraceptives, it will also increase the chances of contacting STDs. You may actually be flattered by alcohol use and think you will enjoy sex more as compared to a person who is not under the influence, the reality is your sex will be less enjoyable owing to various biochemical reasons that occur in the body. This applies for both men and women. (Image by sally anscombe)

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You can vaccinate yourselves against more than twenty types of STDs since it’s quite hard to know an infected person. You can also be vaccinated against hepatitis A and B. HPV human papilloma virus as you can end up getting genital warts or cancer. (Image by Abayomi Azikiwe)

Use the buddy system

If you go to a party or a bar, go with friends and keep an eye out for each other. Agree that you won’t leave with another person without telling someone. Sometimes a friend’s second opinion, or slap in the face, as I like to call it, could help prevent you from making decisions that you might regret later.

Avoid oral sex

Oral sex prone you to many infections including HIV /AIDS. You can play safe and use a condom; you might consider looking for flavored condoms if ordinary lubricated condoms put you off.

Take supplements

Weekends of lust will drain you and result to debauchery especially the long term travelers. It’s therefore advised you take supplementary foods that will boost your immune systems so that you can be more resistant to bacteria’s and viruses.

Practice safe sex as your life is more important than two days of partying that will cost you a fortune.


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