Looking for Somewhere Unique to Stay on Your Travels?

That title question isn’t rhetorical – are you currently looking for somewhere to stay as you make your way around the United Kingdom, but perhaps a little fed up with staying in your everyday, average hotel? Do you fancy something a little different from the rather predictable norm?

If you answered yes to our questions, then you have definitely come to the right place, friend! We’ve been looking out for the more unusual places to stay for some time now, ever since we got a bit tired of staying in the same old places every time we went for a weekend away.

We feel that the place you stay should be every bit as interesting as the city or town you’ve gone to visit, so we decided to start collating some of the better locations. Now we’re sharing it with you, you lucky, lucky guys. Enjoy!

The Castle Snug in Edinburgh

Only about 200 metres away from the more famous of Edinburgh’s castles (known as er… Edinburgh Castle), the Castle Snug is a rather more subdued affair. It was formerly the home of a James Boswell, and has been stayed in by a number of esteemed individuals, including Dr Samuel Johnson (the dictionary guy).

It’s set inside James’ Court, which dates back around 400 years, and proudly shows off the original, exposed stone walls and a beautiful cedarwood ceiling. It’s a great place for a nice romantic getaway, relaxing in the leather seats as dinner simmers away on the cast iron stove.

The Cottages of Portmeirion Village

Portmeirion is a lovely little village, almost like a slice of the Italian riviera was plonked down in Wales one summer’s day, and was the brainchild of the wonderful architect, Mr Clough Williams-Ellis.

With bounteous beautiful beaches, colourful homes and gorgeous sights galore, it’s a fantastic place to spend a long weekend, which makes it fortunate that there are plenty of cottages to stay in! Cliff House offers up some pretty spectacular views, the Chantry overlooks the entire village, and White Horses sits on the waterfront – you’re spoiled for choice!

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel in Bournemouth

Man oh man is this the absolute dream location for any chocoholic! Located nicely within Bournemouth’s most fashionable Soho Quarter, the Chocolate Boutique Hotel is a Grade II listed building housing just thirteen bedrooms. This is no bad thing – it gives the place a charming, homely and intimate feel, and quality is always superior to quantity is what we say!

Each and every bedroom shares a similar theme, and that theme is (yep, you guessed it) chocolate! They all house some fantastic furnishings and décor, with super comfy beds just waiting for you to jump right in. Voted one of the six best novelty hotels on the planet by the Sunday Times Travel mag, it is the only chocolate-themed hotel in the world, and they sure take their passion seriously – just book yourself into one of their truffle-making workshops to see for yourself!

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