London’s Best Military Museums

The military is an area of interest for many. Those with an interest in history, former or current service men and women, and many others enjoy finding out about the military past and present. London is a great place to visit to explore this interest as it is home to many military museums all with an array of artifacts on display. Why not make a weekend of it, find great deals inLondon accommodation with Travelodge and see more of what’s on offer.
Guards Museum
The 300-year history of the Guards is explored here with explanations and examples of the uniforms across the ages from bearskins to present day. The full history of the five regiments of the Foot Guards and their use as bodyguards to royalty since the reign of Charles I. Time your visit to tie in with the changing of the guard, one of the must see ceremonies when visiting London.
Royal Airforce Museum
The defenders of the skies are one of the most technologically interesting of the forces in the UK. At the museum in Colindale you can view over 100 different aircraft from across the history of the RAF as well as experiencing the Battle of Britain in stunning 3D. This history of aviation itself is covered from the first balloon to present day jets. Opening hours are from 10am to 6pm daily and entry is free.
HMS Belfast
One of the giants of the seas, the HMS Belfast is moored near Tower Bridge, part of the Imperial War Museum. The ship that was involved in the D-Day landings is fully open to the public, and you can take a wander across the deck to imagine what it would’ve been like to be aboard back then. You can also check out the sailor’s mess, engine rooms and Captains Bridge in an unparalleled access all areas experience.
National Maritime Museum
Being an island, Britain has always had an expansive and great Navy. The NationalMaritime Museum explores the history and deployment of our sea defenders at its home in Greenwich. The waves have not just been for military use; in the years of expansion exploration was done in ships, as was trade that helped the economy of the British Empire. Discover all the uses of fleets across the years and see the jacket of Nelson, complete with bullet hole dating back to the battle of Trafalgar.
National Maritime Museum
National Army Museum
If your interest lies with the ground troops and the British Army, then look no further than the National Army Museum. Here is the biggest collection of historical and military artifacts relating to the Army in the UK. Discover stories, objects and interactive displays as you take a step through history in this fantastic exhibition.
Britain has a long and interesting history, which is entwined with it’s military. As technology plays a greater part in combat it is interesting to learn the techniques from years past. London has the largest number of military museums in the country and the highest number of artifacts on display. Spend a few days in the city and immerse yourself in the world of military history and technology. In addition, I suggest you view the great blog about how Vietnam war affected the local culture. This is another war story from different side of the planet.

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