Lazy Daze in Lanzarote

A Guide to doing as little as possible, for as little as possible

We all have our ideal destinations that we want to visit on our next vacation, and a recent study by Cornell, has shown that Island holidays have increased due to the availability of flights. So with all these new travellers, what are they all getting up to on islands such as Tenerife and Lanzarote? (Image  by petrk747)

relax on the sea

They found that generally, people do very little. You’ll get your groups of water-sporters, hikers and bikers or a stray history buff but mostly, people relax or do as little as possible. I can appreciate that train of thought; I was on that very train when I headed to Lanzarote to see for myself, whether Lanzarote offered little-to-no-effort attractions…I was pleasantly surprised.

Things to do that don’t take too much effort but are loads of fun

Catlanza – This luxury catamaran sails about the bay (I think it was Papagayo? I didn’t have my glasses to read signs on the way and didn’t ask where we were going while on the water) before it dropped anchor and I took advantage of the complimentary bar before going on a jet ski ride with an instructor. After lunch was served and deliciously consumed, I laid on the deck of the Catlanza, while cool water lapped against me every now and again.

Paracraft Water Sports – Now I know that most extreme water sports require a great deal of effort but when it comes to parascending (dual parachutes tugged behind boats) where you relax and glide effortlessly above the ocean in either Puerto del Carmen or Palya Blanca. You can go slow at only 50m high or be brave and experience a 400m soar above the sea. If speed is more your style, then catch a ride on the JetBoat which skims atop the azure waters of Lanzarote bays.

Aquapark (Costa Teguise) – There is little else to do at a water park but have an amazing fun-filled time. The water does all the work as you slip and slide down the swirling and twisted tubes until you land in the cool waters. Great for families, to keep the kids occupied while you sit back and relax in the sun.

Lanzarote Aquarium – Wonderful touch pools, shark tanks, varieties of fish and sea life are housed in the largest aquarium in the Canary Islands. It’s open to the public most days of the year and requires very little effort to experience the islands’ natural beauties.

No effort eateries that deliver exquisite affordable food

La Casa Roja – This restaurant is traditionally Spanish and mainly sea-food orientated. It has a neat rustic charm that has a perfect view of the harbour.

Casa Leon – An eclectic mix of Mediterranean décor and food, Casa Leon has a wonderful buffet on Sundays and serves fresh catches of the day such as the Canary Island Cod. The restaurant serves uncomplicated and flavourful variations of Moroccan and Mediterranean food. (Image by Thomas Tolkien)

canary island

Blooming Cactus – One of the island’s vegetarian and vegan restaurants that mix Spanish and Greek wheat-free dishes. I’m not a vegetarian but the veggie patties really weren’t bad, I mean I’ve had patties in New York that tasted like I was eating grass and sand…no bueno but here with a mix of spices and vegetables, their patties surpassed my expectations.

El Almacen de la Sal – What I liked was their cheaper lunchtime menu for when the restaurant isn’t as busy. Also, they catered to both meat eaters and veggie lovers with fish, meat and vegetarian pasta dishes available all-day through. Definitely try their catch of the day (no matter what it is) because it’ll be lightly crumbed (or grilled) and cooked with such skill that once you have a bite, it’ll melt in your mouth.

I’ve read so many blogs and travel sites that say how stressful travelling can be, but I think they over complicate the journey. The thing that takes the most effort is sorting out the papers and permits.

After that, maybe finding a good deal on Lanzarote flights, but because the island’s popularity has increased over the years, there are more frequent flights though popular travel agencies, making it a heck of a lot cheaper than it used to be…

So really, after the tickets are sorted, all travellers should focus on when on this island getaway is to eat what they like, relax and do the things that they love and if you’re a pro at doing absolutely nothing but unwinding (and having a good time), then Lanzarote is the island for you.

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