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During the months of December and January, the private jet charter market sees an increase in requests of 30 to 60 percent over the rest of the year. Jet setters from all over the country will be traveling to all sorts of popular destinations, including Salt Lake City, St. Barth’s, St. Martin, Cabo, Wyoming and Aspen. With the supply of available aircraft the same, and demand going up quickly, how do you know you will be able to find that perfect aircraft for your executive travel needs? Also, how can you make sure you don’t wind up over paying while getting an experienced crew and airport?

They key to hassle free executive travel this holiday season and booking the right executive jet travel/charter and using the tips here.

Make Your Plans Early

In some cases, there are significant discounts given for making your plans and booking your private charter flight at the last minute – this is not true during the holidays! In fact, just the opposite is true during the holiday months and directly after.

There are two primary risks of booking at the last minute this time of year:

vacation planning

If you have to wait until the last minute, it is essential to shop around to find a company that may not be as busy as the rest. If possible, plan at least a few weeks prior to the actual travel event. There is the possibility of a cancellation, which can reduce the cost for the trip,so be sure to ask about this when speaking with the charter company.


Keep Luggage to a Minimum

The amount of luggage you take along with you can mean the difference in a few thousands of dollars, in addition to huge delays while on the tarmac as the crew tries to figure out what to do with all the extra items. The best way to avoid issues with this is find out what number of items are acceptable and then let them know of any larger items that may be taken along on the journey. The average capacity for luggage on a mid-size jet is about 60 cubic feet. If you bring along too much, it may mean having to reserve a larger aircraft which can cost significantly more.

Be sure to work with your airline provider to make arrangements that will not cause excessive charges. In some cases, the provider can even ship any extra luggage to the destination to avoid you having to travel on a larger jet.vacation Luggage

Get to Know the Provider

If you are planning a last minute excursion, it is best to go with a charter provider who knows you and your needs. This will make it easier to provide the arrangements you desire. Also, when you know the pilot and crew you can easily communicate with them any specific needs or special considerations for the trip. You will also have confidence that the safety of the plan is top-notch and that you and your guests will have an enjoyable, stress-free experience.

The holidays can cause stress for some people; however, travel plans do not have to be part of this stress. If you have the ability to start early, you should; however, if you can’t there are options and ways to minimize the stress and hassle of the situation. A private jet charter will ensure your passengers are comfortable and when you use a provider you are familiar with, you can feel confident that the entire experience will be safe.


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