Holiday Fans Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation - holiday in Europe

How Well Do You Know Your Holiday Destination? A Third of Brits Can’t Locate Top Holiday Hotspots

Holiday Fans Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation - holiday in Europe

If you were asked to stick in a pin in a map where you had been on holiday this year, how confident would you be that you could find the right place? If you’re anything like the average Brit, you’d probably end up selecting Greece or France, regardless of where you actually went.

It has been revealed that one in three British holidaymakers don’t know where the countries they’ve visited are located on the map. Some destinations were slightly trickier than others, but many couldn’t even pinpoint France and Spain.


It seems that Cyprus is the most elusive destination, with a staggering 53 per cent of those that traveled there this summer unable to find it on a map. It seems that many didn’t even know it was an island – most believed it to be part of mainland Greece.


However, it’s not just Cyprus that people weren’t sure about, some common holiday destinations for Brits proved just as difficult.
Around one in ten didn’t  know where France was, while a quarter couldn’t point out Spain – the favorite destination of Brits for many years now.


You might forgive some for not knowing certain European destinations, but a few obviously weren’t paying attention in geography as almost 500 out of the 2,000 surveyed could not even locate Ireland.
Ever traveled to Turkey? Around half of those that had been didn’t know where it was, with a surprising number of people thinking it was Ukraine, which is 1,200 miles away.


Holidays to Portugal are becoming increasingly popular with travelers, but it’s a good job you don’t have to find your own way there, as 31 per cent thought it was France!
The Netherlands was another one that threw people off, with over a third being completely stumped and almost a quarter unsure about Germany too. Italy is a fairly easy one to identify, thanks to its recognizable boot-shape – but 13 per cent still stuck their pins in Belarus (image by


It doesn’t seem to be just the locations of countries that Brits struggle with; around 20 per cent couldn’t name the capital of their holiday destination and 27 per cent aren’t capable of naming a neighboring country.
Well, at least the survey managed to open a few eyes, with 70 per cent saying they should know more about their holiday destinations. Rather than concentrating on location of the country, holidaymakers had other priorities.


When asked to name the most important thing when choosing a holiday, the results were its temperature (65 per cent), local attractions (61 per cent) and accommodation (52 per cent).
Fortunately, you don’t have to be a geography geek to get some great deals on your holidays. Expedia has loads of Portuguese holiday bargains and deals to other top destinations and as you don’t need to rely on your sense of direction, so you can be sure of landing there safely!



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  1. I think your point proves that the holiday companies are very good at branding where to be on holiday. As well as poor geographical knowledge and a lack of willingness of holidaymakers to perform proper research.

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