How The Kengaroo Is Part of Australian Culture And Symbol

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The Kangaroo is an animal which is unique and is found exclusively in Australia, though some of the smaller species can also be found in New Guinea. Kangaroos belong to the Marsupial family meaning large foot. They have large and powerful hind legs, large feet ideal for leaping and a long tail for balance. They are the only land creature which moves by hopping instead of walking or running like the other species. The female kangaroo gives birth to premature offspring’s and carry them in a pouch, located on the stomach regions of the female kangaroo. The Kangaroo is a wild free beast which travels great distances for food and water. It has no fear of predators.
The Kangaroo is the national animal of Australia and its unofficial symbol. It appears on the Australian Coat of arms and in some of the currency notes in Australia. It has come to symbolize Australia to such an extent that it regularly appears in following organizations and institutions.
The Best Blog Ever travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel of Australian Qantas Airlines
Qantas, the Australian National Airline
It appears in the logo of Qantas, the Australian National Airline.
In order to ensure that it is instantly recognized as Australia around the world, tourism Australia has incorporated it in its logo.
The Australian Royal Air force uses the symbol of a bounding red kangaroo.
Warships of the Australian Royal Navy also use the kangaroo on their funnel.
The kangaroo is a cultural icon of Australia and symbolize the free spirit and adventure so endemic to the Australian way of life. Though Australia is also a country of immigrants (mostly from Britain), it has largely been influenced by Western Europe and America. Dominance of English, a democratic system drawn from Westminster and American federal system of governance, Christianity as the predominant religion, popularity of cricket and rugby speaks of Anglo-Celtic tradition. Significantly in the over 2 centuries of British settlement in Australia, Australian culture has acquired a distinctive flavor which is significantly different from either the British or American cultures. 
The Best Blog Ever travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Sydney Opera House, Australia
Sydney Opera House

The most obvious symbols of Australian cultural symbols are Sydney Opera House & the National Gallery of Victoria. But the country has carved a unique niche in the fields of literature, theater architecture, visual arts, cinema and music. Some of the cultural icons of this country of nascent origin, which has made a telling mark the world over are Rupert Murdoch-the media magnet, Mel Gibson-Hollywood actor & director, Nicole Kidman-Oscar winning actor, AC DC-the hard rock group, Patrick White-the Nobel prize winner for literature and so on.
The Aussie way of life symbolizes a rich tradition of adventure and free enterprise. This enterprising nature of the countrymen is visible from the opulent and squeakily clean cities, healthy GDP, home to global MNCs, a thriving education sector (the preferred destination for students worldwide after the United States). That this country has achieved so much in such a short time, speaks volumes of the energy and spirit of the Aussies, aptly symbolized by the hopping Kangaroo hopping graciously with vigor and vitality.

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