Hong Kong Boutique Accommodation: How do you define a boutique hotel?

Boutique inns may vary by definition, but there are certainly a few features that major hotel visitors can definitely agree on. They are sure to coincide in some of the most distinct characteristics of a design hotel and those can be seen evidently on the lodging’s architecture, style, design and service.

Experience stylishly designed hotels that offer personalized services when in Hong Kong

Most people will want to stay in a place that will not only provide an individualized service, but a particular type of accommodation that’ll exude a certain style and design. It’s usually a lodgings interior decoration and architecture that helps set apart a boutique inn from a traditional hotel. Furthermore, you’ll be impressed with the many boutique hotels in Hong Kong that offers themed guestrooms, which also helps attract a certain client-base (20 to 50 year old individuals that have high incomes).

Other than the physical features of a boutique inn, it also excels in the hospitality side. This type of establishment has been recognized for giving an above and beyond service. You’ll be able to experience a personalized service from a hotel and its staff, as they always strive to deliver a more personal connection with their guests. Checked-in clients are generally given a more individualized assistance, and are often given complimentary treats and are acknowledged by their first names.

Is location everything?

Location can be a factor when choosing to stay in a boutique lodging, but while some prefer to stay near the trendiest tourist spots, some are also located away from all the action for a more peaceful environment. The location can be a preference, but it can also vary, especially if the hotel has so many great things to offer (the guesthouse itself can also be a destination on its own).

A great example of a Boutique lodging in Hong Kong

East Hotel

The V Wanchai2 Hotel would have to be one of the trendiest boutique accommodations in Hong Kong. It offers “the most unique experience amongst all Wanchai hotels”. Their guestrooms are will be provided with a welcome hamper upon arrival, along with several complimentary treats (i.e. free tea, coffee juices, snacks and evening cocktails, Wi-Fi and Broadband connection in the room, local calls).

Guestrooms at the V Wanchai2 Hotel also furnish their living spaces with each a Cable TV or a Plasma TV (both installed with NOW Channels). They also provide their living spaces with high quality audio systems, and DVD/CD Players. On top of that, the hotel’s en suite bathrooms are also built with separate baths and walk-in showers, while kitchens come fully equipped with each a refrigerator, mini-bar, kitchenware, and cookware. There are also some rooms that come with a washer and dryer.

The V Wanchai2 Hotel is also known for delivering an impeccable service. A few of their offerings comprise of daily housekeeping, 24-hour concierge and 24-hour security assistance. They also provide a limousine to pick guests up from the airport and back. Apart from that, they also allow their guests to access to their business centre and self-service laundry facilities.

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