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Located in the Arabian Peninsula, the Sultanate of Oman is an exotic destination from the Middle East. The country has a varied relief with fertile plains, mountains, desert and sandy beaches. Besides seaside attractions, Oman attracts through its local culture, spectacular landscapes and interesting shopping centers for all shopping enthusiasts.
The country’s name is mentioned in the writings of a Roman historian, Yalainous (23-79 BC). He refers to the city of Oman, a city also mentioned in the writings of Ptolemy. Today, Oman is becoming a poplar luxury destination for travelers from all over the globe. Oman has amazing and fabulous attractions and activities that meets everyone’s yearnings and desires.  To experience this amazing luxury holiday in the Oman, you can book now with Emirates Holidays. Planning this kind of holiday experience in advance is highly recommended, especially if you plan a family holiday. So here are some of the unique things one can experience in Oman.
Muscat – Modern, traditional and ancient
Oman’s capital and the country’s main tourist destination is the town of Muscat.  Being a Muslim city, Muscat does not offer a lively nightlife but it is a big and bright city with many festivals according to the Islamic calendar. The most famous festival is
Muscat Festival- a mixture of fun, adventure and entertainment.  The shopping enthusiasts can find here modern shopping centers and traditional markets with a wide range of products: fragrances, jewelry, rugs, clothes, spices etc (image by
In Muscat it is worth seeing the old part of town, located between Port Sultan Qaboos and Al Bustan Beach. The old city walls are dating back to the first half of the eighteenth century.
Stunning scenery from somewhere … from another reality
Geographically, Oman has quite varied elements and it is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the region.  This country has an amazing diversity of landscapes: mountains, desert and sea.
The marine coast is 1700 km length and it is one of the cleanest beaches in the world. The gorgeous beaches, covered by smooth sand, are ideal for a relaxing holiday.  Oman has many magnificent beaches like:
Shell Beach – near Civil Aviation Club in Al Azaiba;
Qurum Beach – a beach bordered by palm trees, near Crowne Plaza;
Bandar Jissah – on the way to Al Bustan, near Qantab;
Marjan Beach – near Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), a perfect beach for sunbathing and snorkeling.
Oman has also several islands and the largest of them is Masirah. Oman is bordered by large areas covered with sand, an arid land known as the Rub al-Chali. The desert will take you into the world of Arabian nights.  Mountain lovers will also enjoy the beautiful scenery, the highest mountain peak- Jebel Shams- reaches 3,004 meters above sea level.
Oman – a living piece of history
Oman, Arabian Peninsula jewel, is a warm and hospitable nation.  History and culture are valuable both by old, and by young people, making Oman a truly distinctive destination for any visitor.  Discover the cultural and historical heritage of this oriental state by its towers and forts, ancient ruins and hidden villages.  Here are some of the most interesting tourist attractions in Oman.
Oman castles
The castles of Oman illustrate the rich Arabic culture and history of these places.  The monuments are works of art made by famous architects and engineers of those times.Some of the castles that can be visited are AlHazm, Al Sulayf, Al Ainayn, Al Mintarib, Al Hillah, etc. Alhazm Castle is considered a masterpiece of Islamic architecture.
Sur City
Sur is an old city that deserves a visit. The city is in the east of the country, on the gulf coast. Throughout history, Sur was an important port city in the region. Today, the city is valued for its nightlife, but also for its naval constructions (image by
Nizwa is the ancient capital of Oman. Today, it attracts travelers by its bazaars with silver handicrafts. To experience the local atmosphere, it is worth making a visit in one of the cattle fairs to see people doing business. People come from everywhere to buy and sell animals and the atmosphere is lively.
Oman has a variety of forts full of history:
– Jalali & Mirani – the best known fort Oman,
– Rustaq – It has the tallest observation tower. It was built in the 13th century and it has many rooms, a mosque, an armory, a prison etc.,
– Bahla – fort included in the UNESCO patrimony.
Arabian wildlife
Oman also enjoys an abundant wildlife.  Huge tortoises with an impressive age (over 100 years) come to lay their eggs on the beaches Ras Al Had, Al Junayz and on the Masiraj island beaches. Around the capital, from December to February, you can also see the dolphins passing by the Oman coast. The dream to be near dolphins is very real. As Saleel Nature Park is also a living proof for the abundant wildlife of the Oman.  As Saleel Nature Park is a natural reservation in the Sharqiyah region. The reservation covers an area of ​​220 square kilometers and is covered by forests and acacia trees.  In As Saleel Nature Park are rare animals like Arabian Gazelle.
In addition, Oman offers its visitors a range of natural wonders like Majlis al Jinn Cave. It was discovered in 1983 by a geologist studying water resources in the Sultanate of Oman. The access is difficult and is made through a narrow hole in the ground. It is a sensational underground location, a real wonder of nature.
Crowded mountain villages, figs, a strip of sand blown by the wind across the dunes, a solitary camel galloping on a territory without limits, the ruins of the palace of Queen Sheba and incense trees – these are the images offered by the enigmatic Oman, a place filled with Arab mysteries, a place that reminds of a history … faded somewhere sometime.

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