Greece – the Land of a Thousand Islands

While choosing to holiday in Greece is not difficult, thanks to its reputation for great weather, stunning beaches and friendly locals, picking which island you want to visit is another matter altogether.

There are between 1,200 and 6,000 islands owned by Greece (estimates vary depending on the size criteria applied), so there’s a lot of potential destinations to choose from. Even if you narrow it down to inhabited islands, this gives you a list of several hundred.

 So in order to help you choose where to book your island getaway (which you can do via this link), here’s a guide to three of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece (one small and peaceful, one medium-sized and one big and lively) and what they have to offer.

One of the lesser-known Greek islands, Alonissos is a member of the Northern Sporades chain in the Aegean Sea. It’s a small island, 4.5km wide and 20km long, so you can easily explore the whole area during your stay.
Despite its diminutive size, Alonissos has plenty to keep holidaymakers entertained. Walking is a popular activity on the island, with a number of mountains to climb that afford incredible views.
Enjoy wonderful sea vistas from the summit of Kalovoulos Mountain or look out over the whole of Alonissos from the top of Megalo Chorafi Mountain, which sits right in the centre of the island.
On the coast, the beautiful beaches and peaceful coves are a big draw. Those looking to take things easy can relax in the sunshine or paddle in the clear, warm waters, while more active holidaymakers can scuba dive and kayak.

Kos is one of the Dodecanese islands and lies just a few miles off the Turkish coast. It is quite a bit larger than Alonissos at 40km long and 8km wide. Its population is also far bigger, with around

33,000 inhabitants compared to Alonissos’s 3,000.

Being more built up, Kos has a wider range of attractions on offer, ranging from visiting the Asklepion ancient Greek ruins and exploring the castle during the day to hitting the pubs, clubs and restaurants in the main towns once the sun has gone down.
And of course there’s a ton of stunning strips of sand dotted around the island for when you want to top up your tan or go for a swim in the sea.
Yet bigger still, Rhodes is the largest Dodecanese Island and has a population of more than 115,000.

Formerly the site of one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, the Colossus of Rhodes, and

littered with many relics, the island is a real delight for history buffs. The Old Town of the city of Rhodes is a World Heritage Site and there are some incredible archaeological sites dotted around the island, including the Acropolis of Lindos, Ancient Kamiros and the Acropolis of Rhodes.

Aside from revisiting history, you can do pretty much anything you desire on Rhodes, from relaxing on beaches to dancing the night away in the clubs and bars, and from walking in the hills to taking banana boat rides.
You are also spoilt for choice in terms of accommodation, with numerous resort towns lining the coast, including Faliraki, Lindos and Rhodes.
Although there are many things to consider when visiting Europe, I hope this guide has helped you reach a decision or at the very least shown you what great places the Greek islands are to visit.Related post: Booze Cruise in Sihanoukville Cambodia-Be Careful!


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